Twin Flames - Reading from March 25 to April 1, 2019.

Updated: Sep 23, 2019

Welcome to the reading for the upcoming week.

Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energies

On March 23rd the universe went through a powerful unification of itself. The whole universe is entering a phase of unity consciousness, and all of its parts are reintegrating back into oneness. On Planet Earth we are starting to witness the conciliation between polarities and the balance of karmic law. We are templating recognition and honoring of each other, and those beings who entered the planet with an agenda of domination, are willingly exiting the Earth plane at this time because they have chosen to heal. The astral plane is being cleared from intrusion and interference. Everybody will be given a new opportunity to expand their awareness in alignment with their soul purpose. The Twin Flame collective is working right now on clearing and absorbing the Michael-Mary Reversal Grid, which was being used to split the feminine and masculine principles in the third eye and crown chakras. This grid is being pulled out of the Planetary Networks and the human brain, causing the collapse of structures that were feeding mind control programs. We are also undergoing an important clearing of the human tailbone (coccyx), which was infiltrated to manipulate and stop the flow of kundalini energies, thus stopping Ascension and the spiritual awakening of the human collective. This clearing is activating corrections in the Hara Line or Chakra System alignment.

Both, the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine, are currently ending cycles of codependency and leaving groups that are not in vibrational alignment with their soul. This week is going to be very important for both twins, because we are entering a choice point in which we will have to decide if we want to continue experiencing old patterns and self-sabotaging beliefs, or if we want to step into the new, into a world of oneness. It is safe for you to release that which is holding you back and stopping your soul expansion. Remember that adversity and challenges can lead us to growth, and that there is always a way to heal through them. 

This week the Divine Feminines will heal family issues by expressing their truth and emotions to their loved ones. They will be working together to rebuild their homes, because effort is needed to bring back warmth and compassion into family relations. They will also experience karmic release in relation to a cycle of codependency that has been intermittent in their lives (related to financial fears). They will have the choice to give a new start to a cycle of codependency that seemed to have ended already. Use your discernment to stay true to your values, without getting caught up in distraction. Don't let confusion and social conditioning sow fear in your heart. Make at all times high vibrational choices that feel good for you. Have trust and faith in yourself, because you already know the keys to your freedom. 

The Divine Masculines will experience the same choice point to end a karmic cycle of codependency. They are being freed from people who are attached to them through fear, and this week will be very important to have heart to heart conversations with those who are not relinquishing control. The time is up for legal matters that are tying them up, and the time has come to liberate them from lower vibrational energies of fear and judgment. The Divine Masculines know that divine timing is at work in their lives, and they are choosing their divine union with the beloved twin flames. This week they will go through an enlightenment of their twin flame connection that will encourage them to persevere on their Ascension path. It is the Divine's wish that the Divine Masculines live their divine destiny with greater abundance, bliss, and creative fulfillment. 

Message for both twins from The Journey of Love Deck: The Ancient Ones (52)

Your spiritual growth is now acknowledged and witnessed by the heavenly ones that see beyond time and space into the reality of your soul. Do not lose heart if your spirituality is not fully acknowledged, understood or appreciated by those around you in the physical world as yet. Thought they may love you, it is most likely that their vision is still bound by time and space and they cannot see into the very real gains that you have made in the subtle worlds, where all true spiritual growth begins. So the ancient ones reach out to you and bring this message: “We see you, beloved. We honour your growth. It is real, it is palpable and soon it will manifest fully in the physical world, with breathtaking beauty. We honour your light. Namaste."

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