Steps to Well-being on the Twin Flame Journey

"Wellness is the compete integration of body, mind, and spirit - the realization that everything we do, think, feel, and believe has an effect on our state of well-being."

– Greg Anderson.

The Twin Flame journey is not a journey for the fainted heart. It requires unconditional love, endurance, trust, strength, balance, and inner healing work. Perhaps the hardest part of this journey is to realize that all the challenges on the way are part of the experience to heal, grow, expand, and become the best versions of ourselves. Every step on the path serves a higher purpose for the expansion of our consciousness, which will lead us to our ultimate fulfillment and bliss. We might not be able to perceive the beauty in the difficulties that we must face during this process, but It is when we look back that we can acknowledge how far we've come on the realization of our true self and inner power. But what can we do to embrace this journey with total trust, acceptance and surrender to the Divine Will? I'll share with you some of the steps that have helped me on my journey:

1.- Trust

The step number one is to trust. But how can we trust the unknown? When we enter the twin flame journey we are not asked if we want to go through the experience of ascension (although we agreed to it before incarnation). It feels as something unexpected that brings unprecedented changes to our entire existence. But the reason we go through it is because the universe already knows that this path will be the fastest way to reconnect us with our true self, Source, and the experience of Divine Love and Sacred Union. We must trust that the universe knows better than we do. That the Divine has already figured out the best way for the expansion of consciousness in alignment with the highest good of all. This also means that we must release all expectations and attachments to the outcome. Do you trust the universe enough to surrender all your concerns about your journey and union to it? The universe already knows what's the best way to help you expand your consciousness, so trust and allow it to put all the pieces together for you. If we are certain that the universe is working in our favor, we can grasp the idea that there is a sacred purpose behind the journey. We might not be able to see that at the beginning of the process, but once we advance on our journeys, we are able to perceive the perfection and beauty behind it all.

2.- Dream

If you are experiencing this journey is because the universe wants to give something better to you. The universe wants to replenish your life with more love, light, peace, bliss, balance, abundance, etc. Will you open your heart to receive this gift? If you say yes, then you will have to release first everything that is holding you back. You will need to face all your shadows and drop all the false identities and ideas you hold about yourself, until you discover the purity and power of your inner light. This journey is about relearning who you truly are in order to embody the divinity of your soul. So, when I encourage you to dream, I'm really meaning to acknowledge that you are deserving of all the blessings of the universe. You deserve sacred love in your life, because that's who you really are. You are pure love. This journey is only helping us remember that the love we are seeking is already within our own hearts. Once we are able to find it, we will magnetize to us all the blessings that will propel us to a higher vibrational reality.

3.- Have Courage

You will most likely be challenged by lower vibrations and the judgments of others during your ascension process. It is very important to be completely rooted in who you are, your core values, and your trust in Source in order to move forward on the journey. Many people won't be able to understand your path simply because they are not going through the same experience. That's why it is crucial to understand and embrace your own journey in order discern the experiences that can connect you with joy, peace, and inner fulfillment. The only way to walk this path with ease and grace is by following your own truth and the wisdom of your heart. Your heart already knows the answers you are seeking. Follow what's true and real for your soul, and don't let external opinions or circumstances bring you down. Have compassion for those who are not able to understand your spiritual evolution. All journeys are divine and lead us to the One Infinite Creator. But it is up to you to follow the path that brings joy to your soul and peace to your heart.

4.- Inspire

When we are certain about our paths, the next step is to be of service to those who are going through similar experiences. Don't be ashamed of your spiritual truth and who you are. Share yourself openly and embrace your journey with passion and purpose. You are on the path of love, light, and acceptance, and that in itself is a blessing. Open your heart to share all the love, compassion and kindness of your whole being, because by being of service to others, you will find your greatest fulfillment. It is only through giving, that life is received. Only what you give comes back to you. So don't be afraid to share the beauty of your own soul. You are an inspiration for the whole cosmos because you have chosen to be brave and look within yourself. Allow others to inspire you as well, because when we allow ourselves to be helped and supported, we create a healing chain reaction for all life. You are not alone, the whole universe has your back.

For all these steps to bring well-being to our journey, it is important to mention that we must first release all anger, resentment, and sadness from our hearts. This journey can be hard at times, especially when we are confronted with our own shadows. But every time we release the old baggage that no longer serves us, we come closer to a state of love and unity consciousness. This is a journey about you and your own soul, which is facilitating your inner healing at the deepest levels of your existence. The journey is the reward in itself, because you are remembering who you truly are. Trust, dream, have courage and inspire others through the light of your soul.

Thanks for joining me!

With love, 

Dulce Gabriela.

*Remember to credit the author if you share this information. Thanks!

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