Twin flames - catalyst and real twins

Updated: May 30, 2019

“People think a soul mate is your perfect fit, and that's what everyone wants. But a true soul mate is a mirror, the person who shows you everything that is holding you back, the person who brings you to your own attention so you can change your life." – Elizabeth Gilbert.

Twin flame love is something so unique and special that when we find that special someone, our soul just remembers them instantly, as if we have know each other forever. There is an instant connection and recognition just by staring at their eyes or feeling their energy, as if there was a magnetic pull that brings each other together. We usually meet our twins in unexpected situations and places that never crossed our minds, as if a higher power was the one orchestrating the meeting. But how can we know for sure that we have met our real twin flames? Those who have experienced the magic of the twin flame recognition, will tell you that the heart just knows that they are the one. However, for many twin flames it is common to encounter a catalyst twin before meeting their real twin on their journey. Catalyst twins are souls belonging to the same soul group who hold a very similar vibrational frequency to your real twin. So here are some similarities and differences between catalyst twins and real twins that might assist you on your journey (I’m writing this from personal experience, so remember that all journeys are different and unique. Your soul could have chosen some of these experiences or not).

When we say catalyst twin, we don’t mean that it is a false twin. It just means that he or she is someone else’s twin flame. But because of the proximity in your soul group, they are very close soulmates to you. They would be the closest vibrational match to you after your real twin. For this reason, when we encounter a catalyst twin, they trigger soul memories and a sense of belonging just as your real twin. Let’s remember that your real twin is your exact energetic vibrational match. You have the same soul signature and frequency because you have been split from the same spark of Divine essence.

But everything we experience on this journey has a higher purpose and plan to it. Encounters with catalyst twins are agreed upon at a soul level before incarnation because their mission is to trigger a grand spiritual awakening in us. When we meet a catalyst twin we get a taste of a love so rare that we start asking questions like: who am I? What is my purpose? Why am I feeling such a pure love for someone I don’t know? It is common that our catalyst twins will be emotionally unavailable or in other relationships when we meet them. They become a platonic love that seems impossible to materialize at a human level. And here it comes the main difference between a real twin and a catalyst twin: we will be attached to them from an egotistical way. With catalyst twins we feel so attached to the person that we feel that life is not worth living without them. Most likely we will feel depressed for not being able to be with them, and not being able to control the situation. Our ego will need and want to be with them, even if the soul knows they don’t belong with us. The universe will force a separation between you two (maybe one of you will move to another city), and with time, you will learn unconditional love. You will wish love and happiness for them even if it is not with you. This is the most precious gift a catalyst twin will give you, the understanding of what unconditional love is.

Many of you will say: “but that happens as well when you meet your real twin.” There is a slightly difference when you meet your real twin. When you meet your real twin, it is your soul and energy what is connected to the other person, instead of being a desire of the ego. In many cases, the ego will be challenged by this connection because they won't match our expectations or conditions. This is an energetic connection that transcends the physical reality. That is why, when real twins go through physical separation, they don’t live in despair for the rest of their lives because they can feel their beloveds within them. Yes, you will go through many dark nights of the soul and will be depressed for a while as well. But you will know deep within that you can never lose your real twin flame. Your soul will just know that they will come back in divine timing and that nothing can ever separate you from your beloved because they are inside your heart, and because you share the same energy. Your true twin will come into your life when you let go of the attachment to your catalyst twin, when you find your inner wholeness, self love, and self empowerment.

Meeting your real twin will most likely bring mystical experiences to your life. Many twin flames experience the kundalini awakening and the activation of their chakras after meeting their real twin. They also become more sensitive to the energies around them and their psychic abilities are increased. You will have experiences like telepathic communication with your beloved (you will know what they are thinking or feeling), you might start feeling clairsentiantly what they are doing, and you will wake up to your multidimensionality. You will have very vivid dreams with your twin in other dimensions or past lives. You will become more aware that the physical reality is a holographic projection of your emotions and that everything is energetic. You will feel energetic shifts of divine feminine and divine masculine energy within you and your beloved as one being. Furthermore, the universe will send you signs non stop with number sequences (1111, 222, 333, 777, etc.), synchronicities, songs, among many others.

We could say that a catalyst twin will trigger a spiritual awakening in you, and your real twin will trigger your ascension process. In both cases it is important to remember to listen to our hearts, because the heart will never lie to us. And we must keep in mind as well that everything is happening in divine order to serve a purpose of unconditional love. We are all here to help each other remember that we are the pure love that we are seeking, and that the love of the Divine is greater than we could ever conceive. Keep doing your inner work to realize that separation is an illusion. This human experience is an opportunity to transcend the limits of our mind and the physical reality. We are always in union with our beloved twin flame, we are always connected as one through the heart. 

Thanks for joining me! With love,  Dulce Gabriela.

*Remember to credit the author if you share this information. Thanks!

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