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Updated: Jun 6

"If you want to shrink something,

you must first allow it to expand.

If you want to get rid of something,

you must first allow it to flourish.

If you want to take something,

you must first allow it to be given.

This is called the subtle perception

of the way things are."

– Tao Te Ching

The greatest gift for the human soul during the ascension process is perhaps the expansion of its true self. But what does it mean to be our true self? It is hard to answer this question from the perspective of the mind, which tells us that we are a separate individual having a finite experience. The ego views itself as an isolated personality that has no direct correlation to the other aspects of creation. This perspective comes from separation consciousness, which is the inability to understand the relation between all things that exist in this universe. But the way life operates is quite different. Life cannot happen without the cooperation of several organisms working towards a common goal. The cells are a great example of this, since they represent the basic unit of life. When they get together to form higher biological structures, they give birth to more complex organisms. In the same way, your true self has the capacity to synthesize the awareness of life through your own experience and expand into more evolved forms of consciousness. Just as Alan Watts told us, "When you realize that in a world where there are no eyes, the sun would not be light, and that in a world where there were no soft skins, rocks would not be hard, nor in a world where there were no muscles would they be heavy. Existence is relationship and you are smack in the middle of it!"

To say that existence is relationship means that we need of each other to thrive in life, but in order for the flow of abundance to nurture all beings, there must be an energetic balance between what is given and what is received. Great imbalances have prevailed on the Earth because some beings take more than what they give. This behavior comes from the fear of not having enough; the fear of not being able to survive on our own. This is also the result of not relaying on others to support our existence. It is the lack of trust in ourselves and others what causes the separation of consciousness. As a result of this cycle based on fear, the collective consciousness has immersed itself in a way of living shaped on scarcity and service to self. And so, the people who are considered successful in our society, are admired for pursuing personal interests and material rewards. But in the end, this way of living leads to self annihilation, because it goes against the natural laws of the universe. We cannot retain life, security or abundance, because they will collapse in the same way as a flower that is cut down. Life is only nurtured when it is shared and given away.

To share life is to become a vehicle of healing and expansion for all beings. It is to embrace the knowing that everything we do for others will have a positive effect on the well-being of the cosmos. When we are in service to others, we also help our own selves. When we give to others, we give to ourselves. This concept can be easily grasped when we understand that the only way we can thrive as a species is if we are able to preserve our environment. If we destroy our own environment, we won't have any possibility of survival. When we take more for ourselves than we give, we create imbalances that affect the environment and other living organisms. To correct these imbalances we must honor the importance of each individual in the evolution of consciousness and identify how they impact our own reality. It is only when we are able to perceive the beauty, uniqueness and contribution of all living organisms, that we can nurture them in return. Every single being is important in the development of life, and all evolution links are crucial in the spiral of consciousness. Life can only expand when there is perfect balance between giving and receiving.

To be genuinely caring about the expansion of all living organisms leads to the most powerful energy of the universe: love. Love is a force that is able to bring people together, unify polarities, renew life, expand consciousness, and recreate all existence. However, love is restricted when we are afraid of not having enough for ourselves. In this sense, we could say that love is overshadowed by fear when we see ourselves as separate from the rest. This block fades the light of consciousness. When a being is unable to give of itself to others in a balanced way, its light will start to dim until it loses energy to keep expanding. A clear example of this is the relationship between the feminine and masculine principles on the planet. For thousands of years the masculine energy has feared not having enough to survive and prove its worth. This overshadowed the feminine energy, which in consequence gave all of itself away till the point of unworthiness and devastation. As a result, the masculine consciousness developed a sense of unworthiness, guilt and sorrow. Both energies pushed each other to the extremes of low self esteem and incompleteness, creating a total disruption of harmonious relationships. What we are relearning now during this ascension cycle is that both energies need each other to attain well being and balance. They depend on each other to propitiate experiences of love, compassion, kindness, equanimity and joy.

Just as the feminine and masculine principles are related to each other, and all living organisms depend on each other to evolve, you too are connected to all parts of creation. This is what it means to expand your true self. To honor and perceive the universe as part of your own being. Your body is not a limit to your soul. Your energy and consciousness extend throughout the whole cosmos, and each one of your thoughts and actions have an impact on all life. This is because the universe is an organism of interdependence between all aspects of itself. Honoring all life forms is the only way to expand and express true unconditional love. Your love, joy and peace have the potential to bring those qualities to the entire planet. It just takes one individual to harmonize the energy field of those around when we choose love over fear. The more we are able to feel our connection to all living organisms, the more our energy field expands outside the limits of the mind, allowing us to remember who we truly are. When you know you are one with all, there are no limits to the potential of your consciousness and the positive impact you can bring to the world.

Thanks for joining me!

With love, 

Dulce Gabriela.

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