Twin Flames - How to attain unity?

Updated: Feb 15, 2020

“In one drop of water are found all the secrets of all the oceans; in one aspect of you are found all the aspects of existence.” – Kahlil Gibran.

The Earth is a third density planet which is in the process of shifting to the fourth density. However, most earthlings are dwelling in a self-awareness level of consciousness, which means that they only have access to their three primary chakras at this time: root, sacral and solar plexus. Even though many of them are starting to activate their heart chakras (love and understanding) through this Ascension Cycle, the majority of the population is still experiencing cycles of fear, codependency, separation, control, etc. People vibrating in the third density level of consciousness are mainly focused on survival and practical concerns. Nonetheless, we could say that this is probably the most important level of consciousness because a choice will be presented to the individual that will define the evolution of its entire existence: to continue the expansion of consciousness through Service to Others or the Service to Self path. This means that we have the choice to pursue love and compassion or cling to a false identity through fear and separation.

We cannot ask pears to the elm in the same way that we cannot ask for love and understanding from someone who hasn't developed heart chakra awareness. It takes thousands of years to activate each energy center. An individual has to go through thousands of lifetimes to learn the lessons of each chakra until he or she is able to activate the seventh chakra and reconnect with the One Infinite Creator. All beings are at different stages on their journeys, which means that some of them are not ready to understand the lessons of love, wisdom and compassion. To try to force them into the understanding of these concepts, would mean that we are the ones who are not honoring their path and their perfect evolution as aspects of Source. We can't stop anyone from learning their own lessons because that would be a violation of free will. When we choose to engage in conflicts with those who are not able to understand our path and our vision of existence, we are the ones responsible for co-creating anger, deception, and frustration caused by forceful interactions with those who are vibrating at a different level of awareness.

Through a Service to Self existence it would be impossible to unite with others for the highest good of all, since there would always be power plays and hidden agendas to serve personal interests. There would always be someone who would want to be better than others and more powerful, creating a hierarchy of division and separation. This path brings tremendous pain and existential conflict for those who choose it, because it will always be based on the fear of losing the status that has been acquired by overpowering others. This means that Service to Self beings are unable to grasp their true self which is eternal, loving, sovereign and free, as the result of clinging to a false identity or imposter spirit. It is really difficult to polarize through the Service to Self path, because if there is a small amount of love and compassion in the heart of an entity, it won't be able to increase its negative energy. That's why there are less Service to Self beings who have attained great spiritual power compared to those on the Service to Others path. This is also the reason why Service to Self beings try to suppress the activation of their heart chakras, moving directly from the solar plexus to the throat chakra awareness. This results in an entity who is determined to enforce its truth and perspective of life onto others without caring about the common well-being. This individual would continue to hold self-awareness and wouldn't be able to attain higher levels of consciousness, not even by reaching higher frequencies of light. This would result in the stagnation of the ascension process by being unable to grasp the lessons of love and compassion. For this reason, an individual on the Service to Self path is unable to activate the third eye chakra in an organic way, because the third eye chakra is the awareness of unity.

There is no way to achieve unity through the Service to Self path. That's why Service to Self beings who achieve certain amount of polarization towards the sixth density (balance between wisdom and compassion) have to shift to the positive polarity or Service to Others path if they wish to move forward on their evolution. This is because they come to the realization at that stage that everything is connected and that all is one. To keep polarizing further they will need the same amount of love in their hearts as they have of wisdom in their minds. In summary, we can say that a Service to Self entity can only get to the fifth density (wisdom) through the negative polarity, because they would undoubtedly need to shift to the positive polarity when they reach the early stages of sixth density (Indigo Ray Body – unity and compassion). We could say that all beings return to love at some point of their journeys and all aspects of creation go back to Source in unity and oneness. In the end, all beings remember that they are drops of water that are always united with the ocean.

On the other hand, the desire to serve others allows all life to bloom, because entities vibrating in the positive polarity will do everything they can for the common well-being. Positive oriented entities devote their existence to heal and assist others on their journey, as well as to preserve life because they can see their own reflection in others. This path can be really challenging for those beings who start feeling other people's pain as their own, however this will trigger a sense of purpose to end all the suffering and separation of the universe from a pure place of compassion for all life. In this path the ego is dropped because we start understanding all beings for who they are. We put ourselves in others' shoes holding the inner knowing that we are all one and that everything is connected. This doesn't mean that experiences of separation are not perfect and divine in their own way, since they are needed for the evolution of consciousness. Fourth and fifth density beings, either positive or negative, need to engage in conflict with each other to gain further growth and polarization. From a higher perspective, the perceived war between light and dark, good or bad, self and other, is needed for those entities who are gaining wisdom about their own existence and their role in the universe. They need to engage in conflict until they realize that through that conflict they are giving their peace and power away by allowing others to control their reactions and state of consciousness. For this reason, sixth density and some fifth density beings, prefer not to engage in conflict with other entities because they understand that they are the creators of their reality.

An entity who has reached sixth density through the positive polarity will understand that we can't judge those who are vibrating at lower frequencies because we all have been where they are. To judge others for the stage they are at on their journey, is to judge ourselves for the way we've been. We wouldn't had been able to progress on our journeys without the help from others who had learned the lessons that we are in the process of learning. The reason we took a leap forward on our evolution was because someone showed us unconditional love and compassion, because someone could find their own reflection in us when we were vibrating in fear, sorrow, separation and despair. The only way to unity is through compassion without restrictions to any manifestation of life. It can only be achieved through compassion for the darkest expression of being to the brightest one. It can only be achieved when we realize that there is no war between light and dark and that all aspects of creation are drops of the same consciousness. Just as Lao Tzu mentioned in the Tao Te Ching, "give evil nothing to oppose and it will disappear by itself." Service Self and Service to Others oriented beings need each other to grow and co-create the experience of life. Negative and positive polarized entities are aspects of the same energy, in the same way that two faces are aspects of the same coin, and even if they don't realize it, they are both walking the same path towards unity consciousness.


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