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"What is always the source of the world is the present; the past doesn't explain a thing. The past trails behind the present like the wake of a ship and eventually disappears.” – Alan Watts.

What does it really mean when people say that the present is all there is? It is difficult to understand this concept when we have clearly lived past experiences that have shaped who we are now. In the human experience we go through a progression of time that seems linear because of the density in the physical world. The fact that the world around us is materialized in such a tangible way to the senses, can prevent us from perceiving the energy behind it all. Things in the physical reality vibrate at a low frequency creating the perception of matter, but since everything is comprised by atoms, there is an energetic connection between all physical expressions of life. Just as Albert Einstein said, "it followed from the special theory of relativity that mass and energy are both but different manifestations of the same thing — a somewhat unfamiliar conception for the average mind." Energy and matter are intertwined by vibration.

In the Universal Time Matrix, existence moves through a series of densities until a pure state of consciousness is reached. This pure state of consciousness is unity and it is not confined by space or time. This, what we could refer to as Infinite Intelligence, individualizes itself in order to discover different sates of awareness until unity is reached again. As mentioned in the book The Law of One, the progression of consciousness moves through the densities in the following order: minerals (first density – awareness), higher plant life and animal life (second density – growth), beings with self-consciousness (third density – self-awareness), beings exploring the lessons of love and understanding (fourth density – love), beings exploring the lessons of wisdom (fifth density – light), and beings learning the balance between wisdom and compassion (sixth density – unity). The seventh density opens up a gateway to reintegrate with the creator of this universe and allows the individualized fragment of Infinite Intelligence to move upwards to the next Octave of Creation. This spiral of evolution in reality is just the remembrance of the unified field of Infinite Intelligence before its individualization.

How does this impact time? For Infinite Intelligence, time does not exist because it has the capacity to experience all time/space realities in no-time, which means that all realities occur simultaneously. A good example of this is the Higher Self awareness. The Higher Self is the future version of each individual who has attained unity already. Since all realities, parallels, and potentials exist simultaneously for the universal mind, there is already a version of each individual that has learned all the lessons of its spiral of evolution. This future version leaves a fragment of its consciousness behind to assist all the other aspects of itself before it continues to progress on its journey towards completion. In this sense we could say that time does not exist because all timelines are occurring in the Now.

This understanding gives us a wonderful and unique opportunity during our present incarnation here on Planet Earth. By incarnating in a third density planet, we had the opportunity to embody the densest expression of a human being. Many wanderers who had already learned the lessons of higher densities, agreed to experience the veil of forgetfulness because the opportunity that was presented to them could have a magnificent impact in their spiral of evolution. If we understand the densities as a spiral of time, we can perceive the third density level of consciousness as the past expression of an individual. This means that through this incarnation, which is occurring in the past, we have the opportunity to alter all the future potentials of all our existences in the here and now. Whatever we do in this incarnation, will change dramatically all the future experiences that our future selves are co-creating at this moment. For all the future potentials where our being is experiencing pain, separation, war, suffering, etc... the opportunity to change those realities and assist our future selves exists in this moment. Every time we choose love, understanding, and compassion in this incarnation, we have a ripple effect throughout all the existences of our own being. And since everything is connected in this universe because everything emanates from the same source, we have a wonderful opportunity to impact the future potential of the whole cosmos.

Time is not linear, it starts now. This moment is a precious gift to co-create a different existence from what we have already learned. We can work together to redirect the course of experiences in this universe to a new approach. One that will provide new lessons for growth and expansion. There are no limits to what consciousness can experience, and it is through unity that we can grow together through the spiral of evolution. Because in the here and now, all individuals are whole and unified with the One Infinite Creator. All individuals have already accomplished unity with Infinite Intelligence. It is just a matter of remembering who we truly are. You already are what you want to become.

Thanks for joining me!

With love, 

Dulce Gabriela.

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