Twin Flames - Lion's Gate Healing Meditation

Thanks for joining me in this meditation.

Sit in a comfortable position and take a deep breath.

We are going to invite our higher selves, our twin flames or divine counterparts, our guides of highest truth and compassion, and the One Infinite Creator to assist us in this meditation. We seize the opportunity to thank you all for the loving support and guidance on our journeys.

Now close your eyes.

Focus your attention on your root chakra.

Imagine it as a wheel of red energy spinning clockwise.

Now send a gold energy contact cord from your root chakra to the center of the Earth.

Imagine how this gold energy cord goes down up to 6000 kilometers until it reaches the center of the Earth and then hooks it, like the tail of a cat.

Take a deep breath.

We gather now during this Lion’s Gate portal to call upon the love and light of the One Infinite Creator.

We call upon unity in our lives and we give thanks for the miracle of existence.

One Infinite Creator, please grant us the discernment, wisdom, and compassion to live a balanced life. Help us be loving and strong in equal measure. Compassionate and kind without restrictions to any manifestation of life. Help us acknowledge the power within to become instruments of peace and agents of unconditional love. In reverence for all life we thank you for the gift of love.

Now imagine that you are sitting in a circle with all the people who are doing this meditation. Your beloved has come to join you as well. He or she sits next you and holds your hand. This activates your heart chakras.

Now focus your attention on your heart chakra.

Imagine it as a wheel of green energy spinning clockwise.

Visualize the healing green energy of love emanating from your heart and surrounding you and your beloved.

Both of you are surrounded with this pure energy of love.

Now take the hand of the other person