New Year Healing Meditation

Thanks for joining us on this healing meditation!

Thanks for joining me on this meditation to give thanks for the lessons this year brought with it, and for the blessings we are ready to receive next year.

Please sit in a comfortable position and take a deep breath.

We are going to invite our higher selves, our twin flames or divine counterparts, our guides of highest truth and compassion, and the One Infinite Creator to assist us with this meditation. We seize the opportunity to thank you all for the loving support and guidance on our journeys.

Now close your eyes.

Focus your attention on your heart chakra.

Imagine it as a wheel of green energy spinning clockwise.

Visualize the healing green energy of love emanating from your heart and filling all your energy field.

Imagine that your beloved is sitting in front of you. He or she is also emanating heart energy and letting it flow all around. Visualize how your heart chakras connect to each other through a powerful conduit of golden light.

As we connect to our beloveds through the heart, we want to give thanks for being part of this divine journey of expansion of the soul. We are grateful for all the lessons learned, and for all the experiences that made us more compassionate, loving, and kind.

Beloved, thank you for showing me the parts that I needed to heal in myself in order to become whole within. Thank you for loving me for who I am and showing me the way back to the Divine, to you, and to myself. I honor every experience that we have shared throughout our existence united by the force of unconditional love.

Dear universe, a new year is fast approaching, and I am ready to let go of any resistance left in my heart. I am ready to release all pain, sadness, resentment, and emotions that are holding me back. I forgive others and I forgive myself for those times in which I couldn’t remember that we are all one, always connected through the love of the Divine. I am ready now to honor my peace and inner balance. I am ready to embrace this upcoming year with an open heart and gratitude for the gift of life. I am grateful for all the blessings I have and those that are about to come. I am ready to share my light with the world in order to be of service to others, because I have learned that when we share from our hearts we become conduits of peace.

Take a deep breath.

Now visualize that you and your beloved are holding hands and that your energy fields merge into one. Now imagine this powerful energy field expanding until it contains your house, your town, your city.

It keeps expanding till it covers your country, your continent, and now it covers all the surface of the Earth.

Visualize for a few seconds this healing energy covering the surface of Gaia.

We give thanks to all beings who assisted us in this meditation.

Thanks to our higher selves, our twin flames or divine counterparts, our guides of highest truth and compassion, and the One Infinite Creator for being here with us.

We praise the love and light of the universe.

We can all go now in peace rejoicing in love and compassion.


Thanks for joining me! With love,  Dulce Gabriela.

*Remember to credit the author if you share this information. Thanks!

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