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Updated: Jun 7

“It is because he is thus free from striving that therefore no one in the world is able 

to strive with him.” – Lao Tzu, Tao Te Ching.

Peace is a state of being that most people seek in their lives. Nonetheless, in a world of war and conflict, only a few manage to find it. Most people on the planet constantly struggle with what's happening in the outside world, and so we see campaigns everyday against those things that threaten the stability of our societies: campaigns opposing war, addictions, diseases, poverty, inequality, injustice, etc. However, this initiative to fight against the outer world only creates more conflict that keeps us looped in a war within ourselves. As part of our spiritual evolution, we must remember that we are the conscious projectors of the world we see, which is the result of our intentions, feelings, and thoughts. We create what we are focusing on, and so we are responsible for absolutely everything that happens in our lives. To neutralize a polarized world we must be willing to look inside our own hearts.

But what to do when we are witnessing so much pain and separation? It is natural that we want to put an end to every situation that dims the human spirit and keeps it trapped in suffering. To find a solution we ought to develop an understanding of our roles as creator beings. Peace can never be attained through violence and conflict, it can only be attained through peacefulness. Separation can never be dissolved through separation, but only through unity. Fear can never be overcome through fear, but only through love. It is therefore to say, that if our focus was on creating peace, balance, happiness, evolution, generosity, health, etc., we would most likely have better results in shaping the world that we truly want. This doesn't mean that we have to ignore the problems around us, it just means that we can approach them from a neutral state of being in order to find a balanced solution that can bring growth for everyone involved. Only by opening our hearts to love and compassion, we are able to heal the whole world.

We can think of the world as a fragmented mirror from which all living beings on this planet hold a piece. Each and everyone of us send out to that mirror the vibration and energy that we hold inside. When we are feeling angry, we are projecting that energy into the mirror, so the mirror (the world around us), is going to reflect that same energy back at us, creating an environment of anger and resentment. We will feel that everyone around is angry at us and that we need to defend ourselves from the environment that we are creating. More so, we are going to align our vibration with everyone else who is sending out the same energy. If we try to fight the mirror (whilst we still hold that anger inside), we are going to multiply that energy, because the source of that vibration is still rooted in our hearts. In this battle, it is our own reflection what we are trying to destroy. So, the solution to this metaphor is not to destroy the mirror, but rather to change our own reflection, becoming aware of the energy we are projecting to the world. Is our energy in alignment with truth, compassion, and kindness? This is something that we should ask ourselves everyday in order to shift our awareness to a higher vibration of love and peace.

I started this article with a magnificent quote from the Tao Te Ching that sums up everything that we are trying to say here: “It is because he is thus free from striving that therefore no one in the world is able to strive with him.” When we give up the need to fight and prove ourselves right, we naturally align with the harmony and balance of the universe. When we stop being the source of conflict, that's when peace can arise within and without. We can only achieve this by relinquishing the need to fight our own being and control the world around us, centered in the inner knowing that the universe knows what's best for the evolution of consciousness. Trusting that there is a Divine Order beyond our comprehension, which objective is the expansion and evolution of life. The best contribution we can give to this world is our own peace and inner balance, because this way we will create a vibration of harmony and acceptance.  With this vibration in place, we can then align with others who are seeking the same illumined world.

So many of us have been called to unite as one through this Ascension Cycle and hold in place this vibration of peace so others can join us in our quest to create a New Earth shaped with love and compassion. New Earth is not something that is going to appear overnight with all the changes that we wish to see. It is a process of letting go of the old structures that were keeping us trapped in separation and fear and creating a new way of living. We are creating New Earth everyday with our intentions, feelings, thoughts, and actions, and it is because of your light that this shift is possible. The shift of consciousness in this planet is happening through you and because of you. Everyday you choose love and peace over fear and separation, you become the light of the world. Your intentions today have a ripple effect throughout the whole universe and your acts of kindness are never lost.  

Thanks for joining me!

With love,  Dulce Gabriela.

*Remember to credit the author if you share this information. Thanks!

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