Twin Flames - The Perfect Balance

Updated: Feb 25, 2020

"Light must come from inside. You cannot ask the darkness to leave; 

you must turn on the light." – Sogyal Rinpoche.

The twin flame journey can be very challenging because it requires intense healing from both twins, but it will also be the most rewarding journey of your life because it will give you your true freedom. Twin flames are mirrors of each other. They reflect back at each other what they don’t accept about themselves. Your twin flame will trigger you so you can heal all the blockages that exist within you. For example, if you have obsessive compulsive disorder, your twin will be disorganized and naughty. If you are hyperactive, your twin will be inactive and will lack initiative. If you are demanding, your twin will be avoiding. This is because there should always be a perfect balance between the energies of both twins since you are one being. You share the same energy, therefore you can’t take more of what you already have as a whole being. Either we are in balance or we are on the extremes. If there is disharmony within ourselves (this is: if we are feeling anger, frustration, sadness, guilt, anxiety, etc.), we could never have a harmonious union with our twins. We can’t blame our twins for the way they behave, because we are contributing to the imbalance of the energy. We must achieve the perfect balance within ourselves first.

But finding our inner balance requires a lot of inner work. This is necessary so we can change our behaviors and ascend to higher levels of consciousness. Essentially, whatever you are not aware of can’t be healed. Your twin flame will bring all your own darkness to the surface so you can turn it into light. Everything you disapprove of your twin exists in you. Finding your twin flame is like finding a true mirror of who you truly are, and this might be scary because they will show us things that we were refusing to see for so long. But there is a blessing in becoming aware of these shadows, because the intense love we feel for our twins will push us forward to do whatever is necessary to remove all the blockages for the connection.

We might try to escape the intense healing work of the twin flame connection, but the truth is that the universe won’t allow us to do that. And we must be grateful for that. Once you start your healing work, there is no turning back. Your inner healing is your ticket to freedom. Only by healing ourselves we can escape the illusion of separation and despair. Only by healing ourselves we can achieve a state of consciousness that will allow us to heal the world as well. If you heal yourself, you heal the world, and this world needs people at this time who are willing to do this for the welfare of all living beings on Earth.

There are several techniques we can do to balance our energies like meditation, yoga, etc... It can also be done through music, painting, swimming. Activities that bring your awareness to the present moment and give you peace of mind. Even by just staring at the sunset, listening to the waves of the ocean, or appreciating the nature around you, you can create a practice of inner balance and emotional stability. This journey is not for sitting and waiting for your beloved, it requires us to make a choice in direction of self love. You are the master of your reality and you create the world around you.

The purpose of this journey is to realize how perfect and divine you and your twin are, and that you have always been. To see yourself in the mirror and be able to say: I love myself, I’m happy for who I am, I am beautiful, I accept myself unconditionally and forgive myself for the mistakes I’ve made in the past. This journey will show you that no matter what has happened, your heart is a true miracle of existence, and that life is the most precious gift we could have ever received. To chose love is to find balance, because you are love. We have to let go of all our baggage and inner turbulence. To let go of our pain, suffering, sorrow and anguish. Those feelings are the ones that create the separation within us. How can we be with our beloveds if there is separation and imbalance within ourselves? This relationship is all about YOU, and your relationship with yourself. A choice made in the direction of our inner healing, will bring us closer to our beloved counterparts.

Love yourself fully and don’t regret the past, because it has brought us here, to this point where we can shift our consciousness to love, kindness, and acceptance. We deserve true love in our lives, but to get it we must realize that we have always had it within. We can’t give what we don’t have, so to be in union with our beloveds, we must find that love inside ourselves. We must realize that we can be whole inside and that we don’t need anyone to complete us. We must do the inner work to balance the feminine and masculine energies inside our own body. This will automatically assist your beloved on balancing his/her energies, and balance the relationship.

Thanks for joining me!

With love, 

Dulce Gabriela.

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