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Updated: Jun 7

"The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy."

– Martin Luther King, Jr.

The word karma has been used in the Buddhist and Hindu philosophies to describe a transcendental energy that maintains balance in the universe. It is the energetic return of the vibration we send out to the cosmos. Karma is an action that creates a cycle of cause and effect, in which good deeds generate a positive return of energy, while negative deeds generate the opposite return. Some define it as the energy of justice, which essentially means that what we do to others, comes back to ourselves. However, it shouldn't be seen as a punishment because it's real purpose consists in providing understanding for each individual to expand their awareness. Without karma we wouldn't be able to evolve and align with our highest truth and potential. 

Karmic cycles can be very painful at times because they are the ones that provide the lessons we need to learn in order to release limiting beliefs that don't serve our highest good. If there is an area of our lives in which we are not honoring ourselves and others, compromise our values and integrity, manipulate others for selfish gain, deny our heart's truth, participate in agendas with ulterior motives, judge or overpower others through fear, try to impose a perspective on others without respecting their free will, etc., it means that we haven't embodied our true self which is unconditionally loving, accepting, blissful, and whole. In this case, the universe will try everything possible to help us remember who we truly are, and it will present opportunities for growth and expansion which will allow us to reconnect with ourselves. The further we are from our true self, the harder the lessons will be. And these lessons will be provided out of love, because the universe wants all beings of creation to acknowledge and embrace their divinity and inner power. 

The way karmic cycles are presented to us is through karmic relationships. Karmic relationships are where the hard lessons for our evolution are learned. It is through them that we are capable to reconnect with our self-love by not letting anyone deny or dim our existence. Karmic relationships are the result of agreements made at a soul level with people we share karma with, to balance the energy out and learn the ultimate lesson of unconditional love. It is agreed to have experiences that can be perceived as painful to be able to reclaim our sovereignty and freedom. The lessons learned from these interactions will always push us forward to be more loving, compassionate, and understanding of everyone around us. To feel someone else's pain as our own and thus be able to forgive and transcend the experience by assisting others to do the same. When we reincarnate we have to go through the same karmic cycles until the lessons chosen by our soul are learned. Once the lessons are learned, the soul contract dissolves and both parties are allowed to continue their evolutionary path as planned by each soul.      

Throughout our existence on Planet Earth, most human beings have forgotten how to be in union with their own soul. We have forgotten how to relate to others with kindness, compassion, and trust. Since ancestral times, the human race has battled itself for power, control, conquest, and dominance, among many other things. This lowered the vibration of the planet to fear, greed, resentment, and suffering. Since we are all immersed in this vibration as a collective, it is natural that we had to experience conflicts and separation in order to reintegrate as one and achieve peaceful resolutions through forgiveness. And this is a process that has to continue until the whole human collective can be at peace with each other. The only way to clear karma in the third density level of consciousness (self-awareness), is through forgiveness of oneself and others. Now that the planet is moving to a fourth density experience (love and understanding), it is time for each of us to participate in the closure of all karmic contracts that we've been part of.

As we progress in our way to oneness, it is important to acknowledge that we still have many lessons to learn. Lessons of love, kindness, compassion, truth and balance. It is also important to honor the karmic contracts with the people who have been part of our story because they have been our greatest teachers. They are the ones who have taught us to love and accept ourselves fully. They are the ones who have helped us find the light within ourselves, so that we would take back control of our lives. As each individual expands his/her consciousness, the collective karma is healed as well because we create templates for others to follow. Once we release our own self-imposed limits, we create a pathway to freedom for everyone else who comes after us. That's when our karma becomes dharma and we are able to experience a state of consciousness that is free from suffering.           

Thanks for joining me!

With love,  Dulce Gabriela.

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