Twin Flames - Reading from April 1 to April 8, 2019.

Updated: Oct 19, 2019

Welcome to the reading for the upcoming week.

Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energies

An important grid work is occurring globally at the moment. Starseeds and gridworkers are visiting key geographical locations to retrieve and assist souls, entities, and parasites who have been lost in pain, fear, and suffering for a long time. By receiving light activations, these souls are being able to heal and ascend to their true self. Portals are being opened for them to return home to love and compassion. Even if gridworkers are the ones moving to different places, this clearing is being done collectively because we have achieved a high level of integration with one another. We are functioning as a collective mind, and together we are clearing the planetary networks from destructive thoughts, addictive behaviors, mass murders, and mind control grid systems. We are also assisting fourth, fifth, and sixth density service to self oriented beings who have chosen to heal and ascend through the service to others path. We are also undergoing important corrections of the Divine Masculine's vision by releasing architecture from the light body which was placed in their eyes to distort their realities. This is helping them recognize their codependent behaviors to overcome addictions and self-destructive patterns.

This week the Divine Feminines will go through a powerful heart awakening because they are going to receive great help from beings who want to make it up to them. Service to self beings who have persecuted the Divine Feminines but are now in the process of healing and opening their heart chakras want to support them and lift their projects in gratitude for their compassion. They are grateful for the unconditional love and forgiveness of the Divine Feminine and are entering a path of service. Divine intervention is occurring to help them release their fears and experience powerful spiritual transformations through their personal ascension process. They are also going to assist the Divine Feminines end cycles of codependency that have been programed in their timelines. This week the Divine Feminines will receive greater clarity and relief in relation to a conflict that involves their homes (in many cases related to a third party who wants to take control of your financial assets. This person is keeping you stuck and stopping you from discovering your full potential. It is time to clear your energy from fear and judgment. Take time for yourself and connect with your inner sacred space to shift into the vibration of freedom, love, and peace, where you naturally belong).

The Divine Masculines will also be receiving great help from service to self beings who want to make it up to them. This week a galactic alignment will occur, which will release the Divine Masculines from a codependent relationship with someone who wants to seed a false responsibility in their lives. Truth about a fraud/scam will be revealed, providing the Divine Masculines greater clarity about their intuition. This conflict is reaching a completion point, and the Divine Masculines are leaving behind all manipulations and setting their scope to new horizons. They will be working closely this week with the energy of Ascended Masters who are guiding them to remember their inner power and light within. As they connect more with this divine guidance, their spiritual power will allow them to trust the universal forces and stop striving. It is time to slow down and allow your manifestation to occur. You are regaining your strength by turning down vows and limitations that have been imposed to you by social conditioning. Your time for greater freedom is fast approaching.

Message for both twins from The Journey of Love Deck: Heart of the Moment (16)

You are entering a time in your life where past and future are colliding. In this present moment you have a powerful opportunity to decide how you wish to continue in a certain pattern of relating, or not. This may mean leaving a relationship or starting a new one, but even if you can’t yet make that decision with peace in your heart, you can still partake of the heart of this moment and decide how YOU shall choose to be. Will you choose to let go of shame, judgment, and anxiety to be with your own heart now? Will you choose in this moment to trust yourself? Even if that trust says you have to wait awhile longer before you can make a more long-term decision? This is a time when you can alter your future. Even the smallest choice for love is a step in the best direction. You have the heart of the Divine within you, it’s not too hard for you to choose love. Let go of people who want you to choose jealousy or fear or doubt, their games are not nearly as fun. Choose love and who knows, maybe they’ll join your party instead. 

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Dulce Gabriela.

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