Twin Flames - Reading from April 22 to April 29, 2019.

Welcome to the reading for the upcoming week.

Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energies

Last week we took a great leap forward as a collective because we experienced the resurrection of Christ Consciousness. Karmic collective timelines in which this consciousness of unconditional love was suppressed are dissolving at a rapid pace. We have also gone through an important clearing of the throat chakra and its relationship with the lower chakras. We are reconfigurating the connection between the throat chakra and solar plexus, which had been infiltrated to remain stuck within a lower vibrational range of the sacral area (thus keeping human communications in a vibration of fear, control, judgment, and resentment). As we correct this configuration to a higher state of awareness, we create templates for clear, honest, and empathic communication with others.

We also experienced an important clearing of the Astral plane. We are releasing it from False White Light grids that were connecting the human consciousness with the lower fourth dimension (which vibrates within lower vibrational frequencies of fear, guilt, shame, and hatred). This area of the astral plane was keeping many lightworkers confused about their mission, identity, and ascension process. As we clear this plane, they will start receiving greater clarity about their purpose. Since we are moving up now to a higher frequency of the fourth dimension, we are reconnecting our heart chakras to organic Source light. This is helping us enhance our heart connection with our loved ones in the physical and subtle worlds. We are also undergoing an important clearing of mind control programs of destruction (Alpha Omega Agenda). This is being released from the collective consciousness.

The Divine Feminines are experiencing deep healing within their families. All family members are going through heart awakenings and expansion. We are templating and putting in practice the honoring of each other's feelings. The Divine Feminines don't have to hide anymore, so the universe is giving them opportunities to share their light with the world without fear of judgment or persecution. This week they will have to put in practice their humanity and benevolence, because people who are choosing to stay in a lower vibrational existence will ask the Divine Feminines to forgive deception and stay with them. However, it is up to them to understand that the solution is not to keep the Divine Feminine in a lower frequency, but to rise with her to a new life of love, bliss, and empowerment. Help them find their way to the light by holding peace and unconditional love in your heart. Remain strong to your faith and inner truth, so that you may find your true happiness.

The Divine Masculines are receiving justice in relation to social image and status. This will be an important week for karmic release in their experience, because they will turn down invitations to remain in fear based realities. They are mirroring the Divine Feminines, and will also have to transcend petitions from others who want to stop them from rising to their true self. This includes relationships and job offers that are not in alignment with their highest good. The Divine Masculines are focusing now on their twin flame path, and will keep their beloveds in mind this week. They are feeling the liberation that comes after turning down situations that dim their spirit and drain their energy. They are now ready to stand up for themselves and open their wings to take flight!

Message for both twins from The Journey of Love Deck: Simplicity (4)

Bow to that which is simple. You will find answers to your most complex issues and those questions that seem to defy the possibility of an answer! You will find the solution now through simplicity. Live one day at a time. Have gratitude for whatever you possibly can, even if you are yet to understand why because you can’t perceive the gift hiding within your struggles just yet. Trust in the goodness of life, seeking to serve you into becoming the fullness of all that you are. Love. Trust. Have faith. Be patient. Wait and you shall see. Let simplicity be.

Thanks for joining me!

With love, 

Dulce Gabriela.

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