Twin Flames - Reading from April 29 to May 6, 2019.

Welcome to the reading for the upcoming week.

Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energies

We are undergoing an important clearing and corrections of the third eye and crown chakras by removing grids and architecture that was splitting the feminine and masculine principles in that area. We are being prepared for the merge of the indigo ray and violate ray frequencies to achieve the full unification of the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energies within our body. Many Divine Masculines are moving into an indigo ray body existence, which means that they are standing strong in their truth and are also able to develop compassion for all life, seeing the oneness that connects us all through love. We are reconfigurating how the third eye chakra relates to the lower chakras, giving us the opportunity to see things from a higher perspective and appreciate truth more clearly.

Additionally, we are experiencing the release of Astral Plane implants that were being used to collect sexual energy from humanity. This life force energy is returning to their rightful owners helping us release fears and distortions around sexuality. This is causing a powerful magnetization of the divine feminine and divine masculine principles, as this energy rises through the body and clears all the chakra system. There is also a redistribution of energy taking place at the moment: people who were creating timelines through other people's energy, either by participating in the collection of that energy, of by enforcing controlling behaviors for Service to Self benefits, are experiencing the organic karmic return that corresponds to their actions.

This will be a week of justice for the Divine Feminine, as it will represent the end of abuse/stealing of her life force energy without her consent. Hidden agendas behind the suppression of the Divine Feminine through energetic techniques will start to be revealed and released from the collective consciousness. It is time for her to step into her freedom and ascend to her spiritual authority as a sovereign being. She will also be released from persecution, especially from people who are choosing to stay in a lower awareness and continue to create obstacles on her way. Trust the light within above all, and have faith in your own heart as your rise to your full potential.

The Divine Masculines are in the process of accepting their divine worth and understanding that they deserve to be loved unconditionally. Old timelines are collapsing to help us release past hurts and enhance the divine connection. This week many Divine Masculines will experience the Divine Marriage with their beloveds in the etheric planes of existence. They are expressing their love for their Divine Feminine to all people around them and are determined to follow their guidance for the manifestation of the Divine Union. They are practicing their compassion, forgiveness, and benevolence towards those people who have challenged their spiritual evolution. Many of them are being guided to move away from their current jobs and create financial opportunities aligned with their highest truth and purpose.

Message for both twins from The Journey of Love Deck: Dance of the Planets (56)

There are forces larger than your own personal destiny at work in your life now. Although they are not inharmonious to you, you may feel as though you are being blocked from or on the other hand, rocketed towards the heavens on a roll that nothing can derail. Either way, the planets are dancing as they will, and there is an effect  upon your destiny. It was meant to be at this time. From rising, there will be gentle rest to recover before rising again, and from restraint there will be propulsion into greater stratospheres. All things in time, according to the wisdom of greater cycles. It is ok to trust in the cosmic cycles and divine timing. After all, what point is there to rush to the bus stop if the bus doesn’t appear until tomorrow? Trust in the timing and rhythm of your life now, especially if it seems out of your control. Big shifts are happening at this moment, supported by cosmic movements. The planetary forces will bring you so many blessings of unconditional love. Trust!

Thanks for joining me!

With love, 

Dulce Gabriela.

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