Twin Flames - Reading from April 8 to April 15, 2019.

Welcome to the reading for the upcoming week.

Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energies

Last week was very important for the anchoring of a higher timeline in our realities. We have been clearing inorganic architecture from the third eye, which was connecting this chakra with lower frequencies seeded in the sacral and solar plexus areas. Now the third eye is being connected to the heart and higher heart chakras. This means that by releasing this architecture we are starting to project the true reality that is in vibrational harmony with our souls and energy fields. We are also disabling, at a planetary level, 3rd and 4rd dimensional frequencies that were keeping the human collective in the victim/victimizer program. As a result of this powerful clearing and integration, we are being disconnected from false ascension systems and matrices (like inorganic chakra systems) that were designed to give the benefits of Christ consciousness to the Service to Self polarity and stop Service to Others beings from ascending to their true self and experience their multidimensionality. This reversion is being cleared and corrected to its natural order.

This week is going to be very positive for the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine because both of them will be commencing a new cycle. We are finally completing the clearing of the Egyptian karmic timelines, which means that the Divine Masculines are concluding a situation in which they were being coerced to accept a false responsibility in their lives. Truth has been revealed to release the Divine Masculines from abuse and a cycle of manipulation, and they are now aligning with their true freedom. This is also having a powerful impact in the Divine Feminine collective, because this week they will be assisted to heal abuse and trauma from their childhood. The Divine Feminine's units of consciousness that were entrapped in planetary grids as a result of abuse and trauma will be returning to her, and people from her past that participated in those cycles will come back to make amends. This will happen in the physical and the spiritual realms.

The Divine Feminine will also experience an important healing in relation to her finances. She will be connecting more to her soul purpose because in the higher frequencies that are coming to the planet, she will be unable to generate money and a flow of abundance if she is feeling sorrow in her heart (by staying in unfulfilling jobs or surrounded by people who make her feel unworthy). For this reason they will be assisted to release what no longer serves their expansion and connect with a source of income that is more in tune with their highest good. The Divine Feminines are about to enter a time of very heightened resourcefulness and inventiveness. Any of their creative projects will receive exceptional energy at this time. The storm has passed and a new dawn is fast approaching.

This week the Divine Masculines will be liberated from an unfair situation that was keeping them trapped in a battle of interests (in many cases this is a legal conflict). This situation is being revealed with greater clarity, bringing them confirmation of their intuition, They have learned everything that they needed to learn from this experience and are now focused on fulfilling their dreams. They are walking away from despair and manipulation and are practicing their compassion by forgiving themselves and others for co-creating these painful experiences. They are receiving divine assistance to start a new beginning in their lives. Obstacles are being removed and the path is getting cleared for them to pursue their Divine Unions and heal all remaining wounds from their hearts.

Message for both twins from The Journey of Love Deck: The Choice (62)

This oracle brings you guidance. It is safe to choose now. There is no wrong choice, just a choice that resonates with your heart. If it is challenging you, that is an opportunity for you to let the divine cleanse and lift you into the vibration where you feel at peace with your choice, where you can accept the grace it will bring to you. Do this now. It is your time to step up, make your life easier on yourself and open to love in a more trusting way. Come now, the Divine is calling you to play!

Thanks for joining me!

With love, 

Dulce Gabriela.

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