Twin Flames - Reading from Aug 12 to Aug 19, 2019.

Updated: Feb 25, 2020

Welcome to the reading for the upcoming week.

Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energies

The Lion's Gate portal brought intense energetic shifts and positive alignments for the planetary Ascension. The Planetary Rod (masculine principle/horizontal alignment) has attained unity and balance. This means that the Divine Masculines are being released from energetic persecution. This has been possible through the clearing of the artificial matrix that was generating reversal violet ray frequencies of the Planetary Logos. As a result of this clearing, the Seventh Gate (7th chakra/7D violet wave) has been opened for the Earth to reconnect with the One Infinite Creator. This is also releasing ascending soul groups from artificial programs of persecution and false doomsday timelines. Humanity will now have to face and heal its fears and shadow aspects, but these aspects won't be artificially triggered anymore on those who have worked on healing their upper chakras. The planet is currently purging and detoxing an infection of negative thought-forms from its Logos. We have also been going through continuous Paliadorian Activations in Tribal Shield (the 12 tribes of the human DNA template) to retrieve and heal lost souls and fragments from the Earth's layers, lower fields of consciousness, the astral plane, and different timelines.

The Divine Feminines and the Divine Masculines are currently clearing the fear of persecution. This week the Divine Feminines will be moving into a deeper layer of their true self. They will rise above conflicts, challenges, and hidden agendas connected to their work environment and financial activities. They will acknowledge that their work is valuable and that they have the freedom and right to express themselves openly, fully embodying their Divine Feminine power. The Divine Feminines will no longer accept to be diminished in their careers and creative expression in order to belong to social groups of control or maintain a job position out of fear and insecurity. We will experience a collective healing and empowerment of the Divine Feminine energy, as women all around the world receive support and divine guidance to pursue and materialize their divine purpose.

The Divine Masculines are getting back their life-force energy, and they are being re-aligned to universal synchronicity. This means that the universe will now be able to orchestrate growth and positive change on their path through Divine alignment. They will receive waves of inspiration and love that will encourage them to persevere on their path and that will activate another layer of their higher heart chakra. There will be progress in regards to a conflict with someone who is refusing to accept a financial agreement to restore a karmic debt. This situation will be infused with Divine Grace to stop the persecution against the Divine Masculines. People involved in this conflict will be encouraged to be open to accept the agreement, knowing that it will serve their highest good. It is time for all involved to leave hostility and grief behind in order to move forward on their path. This week the Divine Masculines will take time for themselves to go within and find inspiration to transform their lives in a positive way.

Message for both twins from the Journey of Love Deck: Earth Angel (54)

This oracle brings a message of divine guidance. You have an angel with you, watching over you and assisting you, in response to your heart’s call for help, love and protection for you and your beloveds. Your prayers have been heard and answered. Keep praying each day from your heart and know that you are safely carried on the journey of love. If you have been worrying about a loved one, know that this protection extends to them as well. You are asked to pray more and worry less, allowing love to be.

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Dulce Gabriela.

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