Twin Flames - Reading from Aug 19 to Aug 26, 2019.

Updated: Feb 25, 2020

Welcome to the reading for the upcoming week.

Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energies

We have been going through important clearings of planetary 7D frequencies and Stargates. There is a project occurring at the moment to heal and retrieve souls who had been trapped in 7D planetary reversal grids and couldn't continue their ascension process by cause of crown implants and violet ray frequency reversals. This is also assisting service to self beings on the early path of sixth density to shift to the positive polarity (service to others), thus bringing greater unity to the collective consciousness. This has allowed ascending soul groups to clear planetary grids, networks and matrices that were affecting the pineal gland, hence affecting the God Cosmic Cube Matrix. As a result of this clearing, the Aurora Host Matrix has been connected to the Planetary Logos (the Aurora Matrix is designed to rehabilitate, re-assemble and re-encrypt unity consciousness by anchoring Christ Consciousness codes from the next universe. The Aurora Guardian Teams are illumined beings from the next universe who volunteered to heal and re-assemble Avatar Consciousness in this universe). This matrix is bringing back the Seven Tones of Original Creation to facilitate healing for the body, soul and DNA structures. As we are prepared to receive these tones, karmic histories are being cleared from our Akashic records through the Aurora Sun.

This will be a week of justice and Divine Intervention for the Divine Feminines. Many of them will be freed from struggle caused by a relationship with an intellectual female who has devoted herself to compete against the Divine Feminine. There are power plays, lack of reciprocity, and differences of opinions with this person, who has been tough and unfair with the Divine Feminine. A war or conflict within this relationship will start finding a resolution, as this person gets exposed publicly for holding a hidden agenda and betraying other people's trust. Changes in the flow of energy and life path of this person are imminent, clearing the way from self serving behaviors against the Divine Feminine. You are being guided at this time to forgive, be strong, and hold true whilst all around you seems to be shifting and changing. This is just the balancing of karmic retribution to help everybody learn the lessons of forgiveness and unconditional love. The universe is seeking to replenish, restore, and create through the Divine Feminines, who are being aligned with the energies of justice and good fortune.

The Divine Masculines will experience a similar scenario as they move away from a karmic connection with an ex-partner or friend who has persecuted them to get financial stability and selfish gain. This person will be publicly exposed for betraying the Divine Masculine's trust and for using fear, control, and emotional manipulation to try to keep the Divine Masculine in a lower state of consciousness. Fortunately, the Divine Masculines have learned to see these challenges as ways to expand their spiritual light, and the time is fast approaching for them to end this cycle of unkindness and unconsciousness. Many Divine Masculines will experience significant or sudden change in their lives that will liberate them from the persecution of this connection (for some this will imply transportation to a different geographical location). The Divine Masculines are going through important heart chakra activations that are preparing them for the twinning of their hearts with their Divine Feminines.

Message for both twins from the Journey of Love Deck: Riding the Cosmic Wave (60)

You can be carried further by the cosmic wave than you by your own efforts. Where you are going cannot be attained by effort. The effort, the discipline, prepares us for the leap, but after the leap, we are no longer sustained by our efforts but by forces greater than us, the forces of love itself. You are stepping towards the edge, preparing to leap and let the cosmic wave of love carry you forward. You shall be moved through grace into the new world awaiting you. You can let go and move further, reach farther with less effort. Now is the time to give yourself permission to stop paddling and instead just ride the wave. Give in, let go and be moved.  

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Dulce Gabriela.

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