Twin Flames - Reading from Aug 5 to Aug 12, 2019.

Updated: Sep 23, 2019

Welcome to the reading for the upcoming week.

Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energies

We've taken a great leap forward in the evolution of the collective consciousness. Ascending soul groups have managed to remove all grids, blockages, and distortions from their third eye chakras. This is allowing them to reach planetary 7D frequencies (Violet Ray) at a grand scale, reclaiming control of the Solar 7th Gate, which is connected to the crown chakra. This is liberating the Earth from an artificial matrix which distorts the natural Planetary Staff alignment and generates reversal violet ray frequencies. These reversals were responsible for creating false realities in our lives by seeding negative energy in our timelines and interactions with others. Humans with closed or infiltrated third eye chakras were forced energetically to loop in the same karmic cycles over and over again. Fortunately, with the collective effort that is being made to clear and restore the sixth chakra to its Divine Order, the collective is starting to project an organic reality aligned with the divine human blueprint. The clearing of this matrix is also reconfiguring sacred numbers to their original blueprint of master codes (especially number 22), facilitating the materialization of higher vibrational timelines on the Earth plane. This is not only propitiating healing for the whole human collective, but also for our ancestors and generations to come.

As a result of the clearing that is taking place of the Solar 7th Gate, the Divine Feminines and the Divine Masculines will be collapsing past timelines and old realities this week. It is important to listen to our intuition because we'll have to put in practice everything we have learned on our journeys so far. Both twins will be tested with a situation that will try to keep them looped in a lower vibrational state of being. Stay focused, observe the situation, and remember that this is part of a clearing. A choice point will be presented to rise above all challenges and collapse the timeline. For the Divine Feminines this event will be related to a conflict around finances. Someone from their past will try to use control through money to keep the Divine Feminines in frequencies of fear and insecurity. Remember that you are commencing a new cycle and you are safe to release that which no longer aligns with your peace, happiness, and true heart. You are safe to release all vows, agreements, and connections that no longer represent your highest good.

The challenge that the Divine Masculines will have to face this week will be related to a karmic connection who will try to perpetuate a cycle of manipulation, unkindness, and unconsciousness through the use of social conditioning and cultural expectations. This will be done to try to force the Divine Masculines fulfill a role within their communities. Remember that you have learned everything that you needed to learn from this situation. Let go of all conflict and follow your heart's desires. You can break free from self-imposed limits, and you have the inner power and strength to wash away fear, separation and scarcity from your life. It is your Divine Right to live a life filled with peace, realization, love and unity within. This upcoming week will be really important for the collective consciousness, as the Divine Feminines and the Divine Masculines consciously choose the manifestation of a higher reality for the planet.

Message for both twins from the Journey of Love Deck: Soft (47)

A sanctuary bathed in soft light, your heart is receptive, inviting and gentle. It brings strength to the weary, comfort to the lonely, and healing to the wounded. It is a magnet for all that is needed – for you, your beloveds, your world. Don’t imagine you must always be the fighter, going against the part of your nature that longs for harmony and peace. This is your time to be soft. To surrender.

This oracle brings you a message of peace. Surrender now. Be soft. Even for this moment of quiet reflection. Take some moments to replenish and allow the divine to help you, dear one. Be soft so you are receptive to the Divine. It is when we let go that we truly perceive the obstacles that lie between us and oneness with the divine lover. Let go and perceive that the divine lover is already awakening in your heart.

Thanks for joining me!

With love, 

Dulce Gabriela.

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