Twin Flames - Reading from Dec 16 to Dec 23, 2019.

Updated: Feb 25, 2020

Welcome to the reading for the upcoming week.

Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energies

The 12:12 gateway has had profound healing effects for the whole universe, as it has allowed the correct re-encryption of electromagnetic patterns for the rod masculine function. This means that the Original Cosmic Blueprint of creation has been restored for both, female and male principles. The Albion body or original perfected human blueprint for Rod and Staff functions (hierogamic union/sacred marriage between feminine and masculine principles), has been reawakened, allowing access to the collective memory record of 7D timelines where the separation between Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine principles was seeded. Corrections in those time fields are causing an alchemical unification of the Holy Mother and Holy Father at a cosmic level, which is transpiring as the marriage between spirit and matter on the Earth. This is rehabilitating all areas of unconsciousness within the collective mind and reconnecting all life to higher consciousness. The awakening of the Albion body is allowing the restoration of the 12 Strand DNA Silicate Matrix body in the Universal Tree of Life (the risen Christos-Sophia consciousness manifested in physical form).

As the energy of the Holy Father returns to the Earth through the rebirth of Cosmic Christ Consciousness, we will experience deep father healing this week on all levels of our awareness. For the Divine Feminine Collective this will manifest as the healing of father absence, which was a template perpetuated by social conditioning and addictions affecting the Divine Masculine consciousness. This template left the Divine Feminines in a vulnerable position of competition between siblings and mother figures, as it created dysfunctional patterns of miscommunication, rejection and insecurity within all members of the family. The Divine Father has now returned to clear this template on all dimensions of space and time. This will be reflected in a powerful collective healing of father figures, as the masculine principle of this universe reawakens its divine qualities and embraces all his children with unconditional love. The relationship between daughter and father will also be strengthened through mutual support and care.

The collective healing of father figures will also have a profound impact on the Divine Masculines, since it will allow them to release guilt and sorrow, connected to the need to fulfill the role of the head of the family, in response to the absence of their father. Assuming this role from a place of obligation caused cycles of judgment and disproval between brothers and sisters, as well as codependency with mother figures. The Divine Masculines will be assisted this week to release this burden from their shoulders and forgive themselves for those times in which they allowed this situation to dim the light of their spirit. The Holy Father will lift the Divine Masculines from struggle and support them to commence a new cycle rooted in their sacred soul purpose on Earth. As the whole human collective integrates their Divine Masculine energy through the return of the Holy Father, we will be encouraged to take action in the direction of our dreams and fulfillment. It is time for the human collective to materialize higher vibrational realities in the physical realm.

Message for both twins from the Sacred Earth Oracle: Motion

You have the power to free yourself from the lingering sense of guilt and fear that might be holding you back. You can choose to let go, or you can hold on. This card encourages you to release the blocks in your otherwise divine plan, and be free. Remove the debris of doubt and be moved to hope, as love and clarity flow within you once again. Shifting a single limiting belief will release a flood of creativity, insight and confidence. Replace hoping for change with acting for change. Knowing the forces that compel you can predict your direction, but it is your actions that take you there.

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