Twin Flames - Reading from Dec 23 2019 to Jan 6 2020.

Updated: Jun 11, 2020

Welcome to the reading for the upcoming weeks.

Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energies

The human collective is undergoing an important phase of ego death as we return to the point of renewal of our consciousness. The current astrological alignment to the galactic center has opened up a gateway to proceed on our evolution through our ascension timeline. We are being assisted during this transit to close old timelines and past life experiences in order to start a new evolutionary cycle with higher quality of life. The planet is receiving increased Amoraea sound frequencies which are dissolving all false holograms and reversal networks. Troubled grids of reversal frequencies that were creating distortions within the Sacred Marriage template, king and queen archetypes, and collective memories and records are becoming inoperable on the Earth body. As these false systems collapse down, humanity is releasing historical trauma from the third eye chakra. This means that false mirrored realities are being dissolved by the return of our true memories and identities, giving us full access to our divine blueprint. The progressive return of the 12 Strand DNA Silicate Matrix body to this reality stream has allowed the emergence of the Divine Feminine energy as the Solar Feminine Principle (Cosmic Christ-Sophianic Consciousness/Universal Mother), which is currently rehabilitating all dimensions and harmonic universes. The entire universal blueprint is entering a phase of harmonization, restoration and energetic balance.

Humanity is currently clearing the collective karma of denying Christ Consciousness and choosing financial security instead. This collective karma, which goes back to biblical timelines, represents the disconnection from our soul. As this wound is healed collectively, humanity will enter a phase of restitution and energetic return. A collective awakening will take place, in which all people will be given the opportunity to reconnect with their inner spirit and align to a higher vibrational reality. This will bring restitution to the Divine Feminines, who will receive justice for all those times in which they were betrayed or used financially by those whom they tried to help. The Divine Feminines will receive justice for all those times in which they were judged and cast away by their communities for trying to help others unconditionally. The universe is seeking to replenish, restore and create through the Divine Feminines, who will now be aligned with the blessings of good fortune, divine protection and fulfillment.

The Divine Masculine Collective is going through a Buddhic Mind harmonization and clearing, which means that they are synthesizing and integrating their mind, emotions and spirit in order to align their intentions with their manifestations upon the earthly plane. They are on the process of matching their thoughts with their words, and their words with their actions. This will bring a renewed divine purpose to their lives, and will allow them to walk away from cycles of financial control and manipulation. The Divine Masculines are on the process of releasing impatience and worry of acquiring financial wealth. As they do this, they will be aligned with higher resolutions in regards to legal processes of separation of goods and economic agreements. They are being freed from false martyrdom energies coming from people who only seek financial gain and personal interests. They will be lifted from financial struggle and persecution, and will be blessed with trust in the unfolding of their own divine path.

Message for both twins from the Journey of Love Deck: God Speaks (33)

This oracle brings you guidance – you are being loved into becoming. Be open to being shown the divine genius in all that is happening. If you feel you are being nudged, know that you are being nudged by the Divine! If you are being held back, know that you are being held back by the Divine. All is happening perfectly for you and all will unfold in divine timing. The Divine is speaking to you, reassuring you that all is unfolding according to spiritual law in perfect co-operation with your own destiny. Trust in the sound of love beyond anything else, for in truth, no matter what may appear to be, there is nothing else.

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Dulce Gabriela.

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