Twin Flames - Reading from Dec 9 to Dec 16, 2019.

Updated: Feb 25, 2020

Welcome to the reading for the upcoming week.

Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energies

The collective is experiencing intense energetic shifts as we enter the cosmic healing of the Solar Logos, which is the Avatar Christos Matrix of this universe (10th, 11th, & 12th dimensions). The Solar Logos is the highest emanation of Source energy, which got disconnected from the lower dimensions during the Galactic Wars. This intelligent field of Cosmic Christos Consciousness is now on the process of returning to the Earth to retrieve all fragmented souls and reintegrate with the Cosmic Heart of the Divine Mother. This process is reconnecting all creation to higher realms of consciousness, allowing corrections to collective time fields that exist in the past, present and future of the Universal Time Matrix. This is having a profound impact on the magnetic and electric fields of the Earth, as energetic balance is being restored from the Macrocosm to the Microcosm. The return of the spiral of Solar Consciousness is currently shaking out collective anxiety, anger and frustration, as the Solar Logos retrieves and heals all shadow aspects of fallen Christ Consciousness. Embracing this healing process will attune the physical reality to higher levels of light and elevated consciousness.

The Divine Feminine Collective is now entering a period of retribution and restitution, as they rise to their rightful throne as Holy Daughters of Christos-Sophia. The Solar Logos is on the process of dissolving negative fields of energy from the Magnetosphere and Planetary Networks that were disrupting the Divine Feminine's life journey by powering mind control programs of abandonment, scarcity, betrayal, and emotional wounding into the Planetary Brain. These instruction sets are being rewired to work in favor of the collective consciousness and create a balanced return of energy between what is given and received. This week, many Divine Feminines will end job contracts based on scarcity and will attract higher financial opportunities. Their intentions will start to align with their manifestations, opening them up to true abundance in their lives. The Divine Feminines are heightening their receptivity to higher possible outcomes to their thoughts and actions, and are experiencing the recalibration of their energy fields to higher vibrational frequencies. They are being supported now to unfold as lotus flowers of living light.

This will be a powerful week of realizations for the Divine Masculine Collective. They will experience major changes in their perception of the world, and they will recognize the importance of true love and the healing that the Divine Feminine energy has brought into their lives. They are being aligned with the understanding that they can't keep putting financial security above happiness and truth. The Divine Masculines are releasing the financial grip that society has placed upon them and are getting ready to become spiritual seekers of the light. They will also receive important light upgrades and activations to recalibrate the electric component of their energy field, meaning that they will experience balance between what they give and take from the Divine Feminine energy. This will increase the magnetization, harmonization and balance between both energies. The Divine Masculines are entering a phase of honesty towards themselves, which will push them to detoxify their environment and seek new opportunities for their expansion.

Message for both twins from the Journey of Love Deck: She Loves (61)

Forgiveness is here for you now. Can you partake of it? Forgiveness for your own self, for the times you didn’t love, forgot to trust, tried to take over and decided against surrender. Forgiveness is here for you now, for the times you couldn’t forgive another, even if you really tried and really wanted to! She loves. She is here for you now. Open your heart to the angel goddess of forgiveness and let her fill your heart. You are free. This oracle brings you a message from the Divine. You are forgiven! You are worthy of forgiveness and you are capable of great spiritual generosity in forgiving others. You are free now, you just need to realize it. 

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Dulce Gabriela.

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