Twin Flames - Reading from Feb 17 to Feb 24, 2020.

Updated: Feb 25, 2020

Welcome to the reading for the upcoming week.

Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energies

Humanity is undergoing an important correction of reversal light coding in the collective energy fields. Life patterns are being restored to their original divine blueprint of conscious evolution. This means that aspects of fallen consciousness that digressed from their original divine blueprint and turned into systems of energetic consumerism, which would reverse and drain life force from other entities, are being reconnected to the eternal Source field. As a result of this reconnection, humanity is experiencing the healing and restoration of the emotional body. This means that all individuals are in the process of collecting organic parts of their consciousness that had been lost through harsh judgments, prejudice, as well as through forceful and fearful interactions with others. In result, the collective consciousness is entering a phase of deep forgiveness that is allowing all individuals to open their hearts fearlessly with optimism, self-confidence, benevolence, firm boundaries, and acceptance of oneself and others. The collective is being realigned with the organic templates of cooperation, fraternity and kinship, creating space for healthy and meaningful connections.

This week, the Divine Feminines will experience healing within their relationship with third parties who wear a false mask to protect themselves from being hurt. These people, who have underestimated the wisdom and capacities of the Divine Feminines out of fear of being overshadowed, will open up and talk about their feelings with the Divine Feminines. They will reveal their innermost selves and will drop their false identities in search of friendship and compassion. The Divine Feminines will expand their consciousness by understanding the fears and challenges of those who have persecuted them, opening up space for healing and forgiveness. Those people who are ready to open their hearts and move into a higher awareness, will embrace their vulnerability and learn that they don't need to overpower others to succeed in life. They will honor the Divine Feminines as a strong source of higher wisdom, inspiration and compassion. A template of respect and mutual support will grow from these interactions, allowing the Divine Feminines to transcend past hurts and emotional blockages.

The Divine Masculine Collective is currently clearing reversal light coding that was imprisoning them in cycles of manipulation, unkindness, and unconsciousness caused by templates of patriarchal domination. This week they will be released from the inverted role of being providers and protectors of people who hold archetypes of enforcement, control and tyranny. They will reclaim their true inner power by consciously choosing the path of light, love and forgiveness, allowing themselves to protect the causes that truly resonate with their heart. Doing this will bring them great fulfillment and will release them from energies of decrease, depletion, and deterioration of their life force. They will experience healing within the relationship with their fathers, as their bond deepens through attentive love and care of each one's spiritual progress.

Message for both twins from the Journey of Love Deck: Intimacy (35)

Your vulnerability is the key to your growing spirituality. Now is the time to share yourself openly, without  pretense or defensiveness. Let down the barriers that have held you apart from another, from the Divine, from the world, and let yourself be held by the experiences of your life, without needing to defend against them. Expect nothing and be open to receive everything. Your  vulnerability is your way forward now. You are learning that you have enough strength to truly surrender. You are brave enough to allow  yourself to be truly lived by the Divine.

Thanks for joining me! With love, Dulce Gabriela.

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