Twin Flames - Reading from Feb 3 to Feb 10, 2020.

Updated: Feb 25, 2020

Welcome to the reading for the upcoming week.

Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energies

The Sacred Union between the human soul and the Divine Creator has recently been restored. This means that the inner hiero-gamic union (perfected alchemy of unified polarities) between the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine principles within the human body has been achieved. In result, a field of oneness and unity consciousness has been created on the Earth. This field is allowing the human collective and the planet to reconnect their Silver Cord, which sustains the energies of the Soul Body within matter. This powerful collective activation has permitted the restoration of the Divine Masculine Blueprint, as well as the rehabilitation of the Oraphim DNA. The clearing of past layers of collective consciousness which involved suffering, war and pain has also been possible, and this is allowing all beings to clear past life karma and the influence of ancestral lineages that were contributing to collective karma. Humanity has now been given the opportunity to start a new story and reach a higher collective timeline. 

The collective consciousness is entering the organic ascension timeline that is free of karma and weights of the past. Now each individual has the opportunity to rise above ancestral and collective karma, as well as to address and change personal circumstances with ease. The growing inner power within the human consciousness will allow each person to release attachments to sources of false white light (false Christ Consciousness) and connect with the true light of Christos-Sophia. This week the Divine Feminines will release karmic ties with people who haven't served the Divine Creator with humility, reverence, mercy and kindness. The hidden agendas of those who abuse their influence to take advantage of others will be exposed. The Divine Feminines will be supported to rise to their true and rightful spiritual authority as their energy field keeps growing stronger.

While the Divine Feminine Collective walks away from sources of false white light, the Divine Masculines will release attachments to people, situations and places that mimic the energy of the Divine Feminines through a false reflection of light. This week they will be liberated from a falsely seeded responsibility, vow or commitment that doesn't serve their highest good. Resolutions will come their way to heal cycles of manipulation, unkindness, or unconsciousness within their experience. The Divine Masculines are severing karmic ties with those who persecute them and are being aligned with their predestined divine soul plan. They are entering a phase of relief, grace and optimism as their past life karma is burned away. For this reason they are in a time of reflection and revision of their past actions. The Divine Masculines are now receiving increased support in their sacred path to transcend obstacles based on social conditioning.

Message for both twins from the Sacred Earth Oracle: Alliance

You are part of an amazing universe, within and of creation, connected to and therefore with access to all the color of life's canvas. Mortal body, immortal soul, living many lives in endless forms throughout existence. You are in every breeze, every feather and part of every sunrise. You are the love that underpins the all. Bring this connection to consciousness. Be wary of pretension or selective equality. A challenge brings a reminder of the place you hold within a system, network group, and of the scope of your influence. Healing can be found within cohesive relationships or a close-knit group. Build strength through inclusion, structure and connection.

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With love, 

Dulce Gabriela.

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