Twin Flames - Reading from Jan 13 to Jan 20, 2020.

Updated: Jul 20, 2020

Welcome to the reading for the upcoming week.

Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energies

The Diamond Heart of the Cosmic Mother has reawakened on the planet, causing the full activation of the Diamond Crystalline Grid. Diamond Light Frequencies are now pulsating through the circulatory system of the Earth bringing profound healing to the planet and all its inhabitants. In result, the electromagnetic field of the Earth is expanding, propagating the higher frequencies needed to reconnect all individuals to their Higher Self awareness, as well as to reconnect heart-brain intelligence on all levels of consciousness. The human DNA and brain are receiving important corrections that are assisting the dissolution of all reversed coding that was affecting humanity's evolution and potential future. As this clearing takes place, the collective consciousness has now reached a higher collective timeline for the evolution of the human race. Falsely seeded timelines of destruction and annihilation have been dissolved, ensuring the realignment of the human blueprint to the organic Krystic divine architecture and geometry. This has also opened the Universal Diamond Pillar Gateway, which connects planet Earth directly to the One Infinite Creator. A unity Source field is in the process of propagating to all forms of consciousness to allow the birthing of a new reality based on the Divine Plan for humanity.

The recent planetary activations have also allowed the clearing through the Zero Point Field of overlaid dimensions that were causing inter-dimensional interference and intrusion. This is currently assisting the Divine Feminine collective to release all reversed timelines and false mirrored realities that were siphoning their energy and life force. This week they will experience the liberation from Moon Chain lineages and frequencies, which were propitiating harassment and persecution from distorted Seducer Archetypes against the feminine collective. The release of these frequencies is opening the way for the clearing of unresolved issues and deep fears within the Divine Feminine consciousness. Many Divine feminines will experience changes within their work environment or career path as they receive divine protection and intervention to ensure higher financial opportunities where they can experience realization, fulfillment and success without the persecution of others.

The collective consciousness has also entered the clearing of all distortions that were affecting the universal archetypes. For this reason, the Divine Masculine collective will be liberated this week from people wearing masks of deception created by false ego identities. People wearing those masks will recognize the Divine Masculine's commitment and devotion to their spiritual path and will relinquish the need to change them or make them fit their expectations. The Divine Masculines will no longer need to change their ways of being in order to be accepted by communities and social circles that are not in alignment with the light and truth of their soul. The Divine Masculines are getting back a position of authority and respect within their communities for being true to themselves and their core values. They are conquering the obstacles that once held them back and are being prepared to become spiritual leaders and a force of change in the world.

Message for both twins from the Journey of Love Deck: The Spaces Between the Words (24)

When we look for guidance we often look for words that clarify, reassure and help us find our authentic path through the chaos. Yet there is also guidance in the spaces between the words, between each letter, between all the happenings in our lives, where there is nothing to be said, where there are no lines to be colored in, where there is just openness. There is a space forming around you now. There is space to just be – it is a receiver for the divine presence. If you have a lot of space, of unknowing around you now, or within you, then just know that there is a lot of divine presence to be received. It can’t be explained really, it happens between the words and yet without it, there would not be any words, any guidance at all. The oracle speaks to you – enter the space and let go, for your time to receive is upon you. 

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Dulce Gabriela.

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