Twin Flames - Reading from Jan 20 to Jan 27, 2020.

Updated: Feb 25, 2020

Welcome to the reading for the upcoming week.

Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energies

Recent planetary gridwork clearings and activations have allowed the reclamation of the Universal Tree of Life as the organic structure that powers the flow of consciousness on Planet Earth. The anchoring of the Universal Tree of Life in the Earth's body has granted access to the 12 Tree Grid structure in the human lightbody, which is correcting the feedback loop between Source energy and all living organisms. This is permitting humanity and planet Earth to experience the purification and rebirth of their consciousness, which is causing the healing of entire bloodlines and the correction of past timelines where the fragmentation of consciousness occurred. In result, the collective has corrected timelines where Christos-Sophia consciousness was split apart, allowing the activation and reclamation of the Sophianic body and the staff alignment of the Electrical Christ Female principle. As a result of this important activation, planet Earth has been shielded with a golden Christos grid which is protecting the planet from lower vibrational fields of energy, false holograms, inorganic timelines and inter-dimensional interference. The human collective is now entering a phase of energetic retrieval from reversed Christos-Sophia networks. This heralds a time of mass awakenings as veils of illusion dissolve on the planet.

This week the Divine Feminines will experience deep healing within mother relationships as the Mother Arc and Holy Daughter principles reunite at an energetic level. Wounds of abandonment, disappointment, misunderstanding, jealousy and unkindness created by fragmented relationships with mother figures will be transmuted back into love and understanding. As this healing takes place, there will also be a collective healing in regards to the perception of motherhood. Women around the globe will receive restitution for those times in which they were judged, blamed or cast away for being single mothers or becoming financially independent. Support will be coming from friends and family members who genuinely care for the spiritual progress of the Divine Feminines and want to contribute to their well-being.

The Divine Masculines are experiencing a lightbody reconnection to the Father Arc ray, which is igniting within them the desire to serve others from a pure place of compassion. The Divine Masculine collective is releasing the need to be recognized for their actions or prove their worth to others. As they achieve this selfless state of consciousness they will be aligned with a higher purpose. This will also release them from people who want to take advantage of their gifts or abuse their hard work. The Divine Masculines are moving away from social groups and communities that are based on deception, lies, and hidden agendas. Disconnecting from those illusions will allow them to take a leap of faith towards the new life of freedom and fulfillment that the Divine Father wants for them.

Message for both twins from the Journey of Love Deck: Fire and Ice (37)

If you are consciously feeling conflict in your life – internally or externally – then you are being initiated through fire and ice. Stay present, be patient and wait. There is nothing to fix here, just awareness to step into as divine creation continues to unfold through you. As you master this initiation, you will find a sweet nectar of bliss dripping within.

This oracle brings you guidance that the conflict you feel within or externally is a sign of your spiritual growth. Soon you will grow larger than the conflict, but for now, you do not need to engage in it, simply to be present to it and allow it to work its way through you, until you are strong enough to have outgrown the conflict, giving rise to a clear direction. It may seem impossible beloved, but it is not. You are a vast being. Give yourself a chance to realize this and have patience. All is becoming, including you, according to the perfection of divine design.

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Dulce Gabriela.

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