Twin Flames - Reading from Jan 27 to Feb 3, 2020.

Updated: Feb 25, 2020

Welcome to the reading for the upcoming week.

Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energies

The ascending collective has made great progress in regards to the dismantling of the False Ascension Matrix, which is a false matrix of soul capture that forces the reincarnation of the human soul in lower realms of consciousness without proper life review. Recent planetary activations have allowed the clearing of the False Umbilicus structure that was connecting the human soul to the lower Astral Realm (false white light fields), enabling the reconnection of our lightbodies to the organic umbilicus of our God Parent-Source. As a result, the vertical connections to spiritual bodies and higher spiritual realms have become available for the human collective. This means that mass awakenings will become possible as individuals around the world integrate their soul matrix. The clearing of the Astral Plane at the level of the Planetary Logos is releasing the ascending collective from astral implants of control and consciousness traps that were tying them to lower realities and astral debris. It is also permitting the healing and retrieval of souls who were trapped or lost in this dimension. Additionally, the correction of energy currents of the planetary Ley Lines has been possible, causing the override of grid systems that were streaming veils of illusion, false collective timelines, and mind control programs.

The Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine principles are experiencing an important reconnection and unification at a soul level. Holographic inserts and energetic reversals that split the hierogamic union in the third eye and crown chakras are dissolving at a rapid pace, permitting the organic magnetization and healing between both principles. This week, the Divine Feminine Collective will feel a deeper connection with the Divine Masculine Collective. The Divine Feminines are receiving Aurora Re-encryptions that are returning their consciousness to their divine blueprint and releasing them from mechanisms of control that were keeping them stuck in karmic situations. The release of astral implants from their lightbody will help them walk away this week from people who claim power or elitism over them, or who abuse their energy and good deeds.

The Solar Christ Consciousness is currently rising on the planet, which means that the masculine collective is ascending to a higher awareness. This week, the Divine Masculines will balance the collective karma that exits between the Holy Son and the Divine Mother. They will defend their mothers from injustice, slander and gossips, and will stand up for truth and freedom. They will honor the love and dedication from mother figures in their lives, and will express gratitude and appreciation. By doing this, they will heal and empower the Divine Feminine energy. The Divine Masculines are releasing the need to prove where they come from, as they connect with the deeper knowing that there are no frontiers, walls or separation for the heart. They are finding true fulfillment in serving others with humility and compassion.

Message for both twins from the Journey of Love Deck: Sensual Awakening (64)

You are being called to experience your sensual nature again. You are beautiful and vivid, striking and appealing. Allow your sensual appreciation for yourself and others to flow and enjoy this unique experience of being a soul awakening in a body awakening! It’s all love. This oracle brings you guidance that your sensual nature needs to play and it doesn’t require an external lover to do so. It can be expressed through massage, creating art, spending time in nature, swimming, dancing mindfully, feeling the sun or air on your skin, drinking aromatic tea or taking a bath. Play with what feels good for you and enjoy the indulgence. It will bring you renewed energy and apart from that, it’s fun! 

Thanks for joining me!

With love, 

Dulce Gabriela.

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