Twin Flames - Reading from Jul 1 to Jul 8, 2019.

Updated: Sep 23, 2019

Welcome to the reading for the upcoming week.

Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energies

We continue to experience the restoration of the Avatar Soul Matrix for the human collective. This time we are undergoing corrections of the 11th chakra, which is located above the Solar Star chakra. This chakra connects us with the 11th dimensional consciousness, which was the seeding point of conflict between Anti Life forces and Light forces eons of years ago in this universe. We are going through an important clearing of timelines related to the Lyrian wars, in order to bring back unity consciousness to this station of identity. We are anchoring the reconciliation of solar and lunar forces, thus allowing the manifestation of a unified chakra column between the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine principles. This clearing enables the restoration of the Avatar Level of consciousness and its embodiment for the enlightened human being.

This week the Divine Feminines will be encouraged to trust more their own intuition instead of relying on external sources of information and validation. They are becoming mindful about the well-being of the planet through their daily actions, and are connecting with the inner digging and discovery of their deepest self. They will be encouraged to face stored fears and identities that don't represent who they truly are, thus gaining a deeper enlightenment and wisdom of self defense mechanisms that might be holding them back. This will connect them with greater inner freedom and relief, as they wash away old feelings of fear, separation, and scarcity. Those who are facing legal situations of financial distribution of wealth will experience progress in the resolution of conflict.

The Divine Masculines are getting an increased awareness of their inner voice and intuition. They will also experience an enlightenment this week of self-sabotaging thinking patterns that were taking their power away from them. They will be confused no more about situations which were imprisoning them through the victim/victimizer template, and will choose to follow the path of their freedom. Those who are being pushed by social conditioning to accept prearranged marriages for cultural interests and validation will stay firm in their decision to reject vows and commitments that are not in alignment with their heart's desire. These commitments are being cleared from their Akashic records, aligning the Divine Masculines with their ultimate spiritual destiny of happiness, freedom, and wholeness.

Message for both twins from The Journey of Love Deck: Hidden Beauty (45)

You are glimpsing beauty and yet there is more to be revealed. There is more than what you are currently seeing. To attempt to force the vision would prevent you from seeing what is being revealed. Be patient and look more closely. Soften your heat and ask to be shown the beauty in the situation that is being revealed to you. Wait. Let the vision come alive and you shall witness what was once hidden.

This oracle brings you a suggestion from divine guidance. You may think you see the whole picture but if you look deeper you shall see something that brings you much joy, hope and reassurance. There is a more beautiful perspective here, that affirms and nourishes you and all involved in the situations of your life that are puzzling you at present. Take heed and relax. All is as it is meant to be, and soon you too will be able to see.

Thanks for joining me!

With love, 

Dulce Gabriela.

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