Twin Flames - Reading from Jul 15 to Jul 22, 2019.

Updated: Sep 23, 2019

Welcome to the reading for the upcoming week.

Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energies

The Earth is starting to integrate the layers of her crystalline blueprint (Aramatena), which means that the planet is integrating its higher self or a future version of itself which is vibrating in unity consciousness. This is having a profound impact in the Universal Time Matrix because this integration is healing timelines of conflict that exist in other dimensions. The event that caused the disruption of Sacred Marriage on planet Earth is directly related to the explosion of the planets Tiamat and Maldek, which are Divine Counterparts. This event affected sacred unions on the Earth plane because Tiamat and Tara (5D Earth) are twin planets. The result of those explosions was the fall of consciousness of the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine. There is currently a rehabilitation project going on to retrieve and heal all of Maldek's soul fragments and planetary logos. Conduits of unification are being cleared as well between the planetary logoi of Tiamat and Maldek. This is having a direct impact on the rise of the Divine Masculine consciousness on our planet in this Time Vector. There is a collective clearing occurring at the moment of Patriarchal energies (which is manifesting as pain in the right knee). The Divine Feminine collective is undergoing womb healing and reclamation of creative female forces.

This week the Divine Feminines will be healing back to good health. They will have time to recover from intense light upgrades and ascension symptoms, and will notice improvement of their physical condition. They will also be assisted by the universe to share themselves openly through the expression of their gifts and talents. Waves of inspiration are coming to help them take action in the direction of creative projects oriented towards service to others. They will experience a renewal of their faith and self-esteem, as well as great growth caused by their determination to heal through challenges and struggle. Once more, the Divine Feminines will see challenges as ways to expand their spiritual light, inner wisdom, and inner power. This week is important for them in relation to Divine Timing. Those who were feeling stagnant financially or emotionally will experience progress on their divine mission, and those who are mastering patience will receive deep insights and understanding of their sacred path.

The Divine Masculine collective will go through a phase of forgiveness and regret caused by the separation from their beloveds. This will happen as a result of the cosmic clearing that involves planet Maldek's consciousness. Healing and forgiveness will take place for those times in which they neglected true love. They will also go through a phase of financial and material justice this week. Things that have been taken away from them will be returned in the form of new energies that will assist them on transforming and renewing their lives and environment. They will be receiving blessings upon their plans, projects and words. Spiritual expansions will be in store as well since they are growing fast and leaving fear behind. They are also mastering their intuition in relation to situations that don't represent their highest good. A conflict that involves the control of material assets will start finding a resolution. The Divine Masculines will now have the opportunity to offer their talents, purpose, and gifts to the world. Don't hold back what you have to share. It's not the time to hide your light, so focus your intention on what you desire.

Message for both twins from The Journey of Love Deck: Intimacy (35)

Your vulnerability is the key to your growing spirituality. Now is the time to share yourself openly, without pretense or defensiveness. Let down the barriers that have held you apart from another, from the Divine, from the world, and let yourself be held by the experiences of your life, without needing to defend against them. Expect nothing and be open to receive everything. Your vulnerability is your way forward now. You are learning that you have enough strength to truly surrender. You are brave enough to allow yourself to be truly lived by the Divine.

The message of this oracle is that you have recently opened yourself up in new ways, to meet the world and your loved ones, or are considering doing so in order to share something of yourself with another. Do it. You are ready to be seen and received more than ever before.

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Dulce Gabriela.

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