Twin Flames - Reading from Jul 22 to Jul 29, 2019.

Updated: Feb 25, 2020

Welcome to the reading for the upcoming week.

Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energies

Many starseeds who are integrating polarity in the universal body are making corrections to the Rishi Matrix (13th, 14th & 15th dimensions). This Matrix is connected to the Lyran timelines and the efforts to create another race with the capacity to heal and unify the universe. This was a consequence of the explosion of planet Lyra, which created an energetic unbalance in the rest of planetary bodies and stars. There were two suns coexisting in that timeline, but one of them exploded creating a fragmentation of consciousness and polarization in the whole cosmos. This explosion caused great damage to the Lyran Race, who devoted themselves to create a DNA structure with the capacity to restore all aspects of the universe, which resulted in the creation of the human prototype.

The persecution that humanity has suffered over its DNA has to do with its ability to integrate polarity into unity. Human DNA has the capacity to integrate, reassemble, heal, and unify all aspects of creation because it contains vast records of life forms and polarization. The human collective is currently merging back into unity the consciousness of the two suns that are connected to the Rishi Matrix. By merging back into wholeness the consciousness of the negative and the positive suns, we are propitiating the healing of the whole universe. The Twin Flame collective has done great progress as well on the correction of reversal currents of energy in the planetary body through the activation of the RA Center and Inner Heart Solar Temple. These activations are facilitating the restoration of the Avatar Soul Matrix and the retrieval of lost fragments of consciousness from enlightened human beings who achieved Christ Consciousness throughout history.

This week the Divine Feminines will experience great healing around motherhood and femininity. They will go through a collapse of timelines from previous incarnations where they were forced to participate in breeding programs. They will no more be forced to stay in unfulfilling relationships through energetic manipulation and persecution. It is time for them to rise and reclaim sovereignty of female creative forces. They are growing fast and leaving fear behind, and the time has come for them to release that which no longer feels right for their soul. This great inner healing and empowerment will cause an intense magnetization between the Divine Feminines and the Divine Masculines. Stay focused on your highest dreams and hold peace and unconditional love in your heart for all expressions of life. You are an expression of the Divine Mother, and there are no limits to the love your heart can contain.

The Divine Masculines will continue to remove obstacles from their path. They are winning the race against social conditioning and cultural expectations, and this week they will have to defend their divine path and speak their truth to those who stand on the side of higher institutions of control and power over others. They will not accept the reinforcement of their foundation and roots if that signifies denying their truth and connection with the universe. Stand confidently in your truth, and take actions that support the growth and well-being of all manifestations of life. You are commencing a new cycle, as well as entering a time of balance and equilibrium. It is safe for you to release that which no longer feels right for your soul.

Message for both twins from The Journey of Love Deck: Sacred Convergence (28)

There is a coming together happening within your body and soul, a unification of all that is, within you. This is akin to traveling to a strange land, as all sorts of new sensations – not all welcome at first – begin to make themselves known to you. If you are experiencing discomfort within your own body or uncertainty and a sense of expansion to include more of life in your thoughts and feelings, then you are conscious of this sacred convergence. It is like two worlds (or more!) colliding. If you are sensitive you will feel it happening as an important event without necessarily having a physical situation to attribute the experience to, or upon which to hang an explanation. You may also be encountering this in a very physical sense by finding yourself in situations which you previously would have avoided. Be gentle and loving with yourself and kindly seek to find the beauty in what you are learning about yourself in your interactions and experiences. Remember your divine perfection as you are thrilled and challenged in this time of great growth.

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