Twin Flames - Reading from Jul 29 to Aug 5, 2019.

Updated: Mar 23, 2021

Welcome to the reading for the upcoming week.

Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energies

Important planetary upgrades are occurring as a result of the collective effort that is going on to heal and restore the Rishi Matrix (13th, 14th & 15th dimensions). Stored trauma from these dimensions has been cleared, allowing the retrieval and healing of souls who participated in the Lyran and Orion Wars. The suffering and trauma generated by these wars caused a disconnection of many races from Source energy. Starseeds have now successfully reconnected the Rishi Matrix to the lower dimensions, which means that Source energy is now able to reach the lower worlds to heal all beings who have been lost in darkness and show them the way back into the light. This also means that the vertical pillar of the Silicate Matrix (The female principle of the original Divine Human Blueprint) has been corrected, reassembled, and integrated into physical form. This great accomplishment is allowing corrections to the Masculine Rod or horizontal channels of the Silicate Matrix. This important clearing is propitiating the release of entities and beings who were powering up reversal grid systems that split the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine principles in the third eye and crown chakras. We are entering a period of karmic return, removal of obstacles, unity, and inner balance.

This will be a week for growth and transformation, but most importantly, it will be the start of karmic reordering, retribution, and justice in the lives of the Divine Feminines. They are being aligned with a higher vibrational reality, which means that it is time for them to release that which is broken, in order to find that which is precious and pure. The Divine Feminines are commencing a new cycle, and this time all obstacles on their way will be removed by universal forces. They will be breaking free from confining situations and will move into great growth and harvest of their efforts. The Divine Feminines are aligning with the energies of joy, bliss, and excitement. Old histories won't be able to pull them back anymore. This will also be an important week to heal blockages in relation to money, finances, and abundance. We are entering a time in which all contracts, vows, and agreements that perpetuate a state of lack and unworthiness will reach a completion point. Remain open to join forces with other Divine Feminines in the pursuit of a shared purpose. The Divine Feminines will be connected this week to people who will propitiate growth for their next cycle of evolution.

The Divine Masculines are entering as well a time of renewal and karmic retribution. Contracts, vows, and agreements that no longer represent their highest good will reach a completion point. They will also start receiving justice around legal documents of property and material goods. The Divine Masculines are starting to honor and treat themselves better and in return, the universe will connect them to a higher vibrational existence. They are releasing attachment cords from people who are choosing to stay in a fear based existence. Tolerance to self-serving behaviors is coming to and end, and they will refuse to be neglected or minimized again. People who use force tactics to control the Divine Masculines are losing their power over them. The Divine Feminines and the Divine Masculines are becoming the observers of their reality, allowing karmic retribution bring balance to their existence and to the people around them. It is time for them to connect with trustworthy people who will assist them on the next phase of their journey.

Message for both twins from the Rumi Oracle Deck: Beyond the Threshold of Fear (25)

After so long, you are changing your relationship to fear; no more shall it hold you in its thrall. You are becoming able to observe it, to witness it, even to have compassion rather than resistance. Instead of unconsciously sabotaging your growth and choosing to slumber in darkness, you awaken and delight in the light and sound of your divine being. This oracle comes with spiritual guidance for you. You have broken through a barrier, a self-imposed barrier of fear (whether it seemed to originate from within your consciousness or from an external set of circumstances) that held you back from taking the steps you are now taking, or just about to take. You can see what is meant for you, what is true for you, what is beckoning you forward now. Take the running leap. There is no darkness and light for you anymore – just life, living, free and clear.

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Dulce Gabriela.

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