Twin Flames - Reading from Jun 10 to Jun 17, 2019.

Updated: Jun 11, 2020

Welcome to the reading for the upcoming week.

Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energies

Last week we went through an important healing and clearing of Moon Chain frequencies that were affecting the Divine Feminine collective by targeting the womb to generate separation between sexes and recreate soul trauma of forced marriage and breeding programs. These frequencies were also affecting the entire collective by distorting human perceptions around sexuality, and disconnecting human beings from their Avatar Soul Matrix (12th Dimensional consciousness – which is the highest state of consciousness of the original Divine Blueprint for human beings). As a result of this clearing, the opportunity to connect with the Avatar Soul Matrix (embodied Christ consciousness) has opened for many people who are on the path of Ascension. This consciousness is also known as the Universal level of consciousness because it connects us to a higher purpose that includes all beings in the entire universe. Many starseeds who were working on planetary missions will soon move into universal service. Channels of communication are opening for them to connect with their Diamond Sun families and be assisted to expand their missions in favor of unity consciousness.

Important corrections are being made to restore the divine function of the 7th chakra. Crown implants that were designed to act as frequency fences to stop humans from connecting with their higher selves are being removed and cleared. As we transmute these fences, energy that was stolen from the human collective is returning to the rightful owners. This is balancing karma on the planet. The Divine Feminines and the Divine Masculines are entering a time of great return. Everything they have given to assist others will come back to them in the form of abundant blessings. This week both twins will experience great healing of deep soul trauma caused by feeling abandoned in this and previous incarnations. Those who are closing karmic cycles will experience progress in the release of old vows and connections that no longer serve their highest good. Important truths will be revealed to release them from cycles of codependency.

This week the Divine Feminines will have a fated meeting with a person with whom karma is shared from previous lifetimes. This person might had chosen to stay in old habits of self denial. The Divine Feminine will encourage the awakening and empowerment of this person, which will connect them to a shared purpose. Past-life feelings will be healed, and they will support each other on regaining peace and happiness. Divine Feminines who have been on the path of ascension for a while will assist those who are starting their journeys of spiritual awakening, thus creating a chain of support and expansion. New waves of ascension are getting ready to learn and listen to those who have gone through the same experiences.

The Divine Masculines will be clearing regret this week for those times in which they denied the Divine Feminine energy. The forgiveness and release of sorrow will align them to a spiritual initiation that will open the way to new energies. Their energy field is growing stronger, causing the healing of those around them who were holding onto lower vibrational frequencies. Those people are getting ready to leave fear behind and support the Divine Masculines on their spiritual path for the highest good of all. This will have an impact on the families of the Divine Masculines (especially authority and father figures), who are opening their hearts to support them on their divine path even if their beliefs are challenged by this connection. The Divine Feminines and the Divine Masculines are causing all life around them to bloom through their light, propitiating healing on many levels for the collective consciousness.

Message for both twins from The Journey of Love Deck: Legacy of Light (53)

This oracle says to you that you have connected more powerfully with a source of spiritual guidance and instruction that is helping you fully activate your divine life mission  and purpose. It is confirmation that however you are choosing to live your life is in service to the light – whether it be obviously so to others or not – and that your personal growth and spiritual path are helping the greater human soul evolve. You are acknowledged as a jewel of light upon this earth, an important link in a heavenly chain of divine awakening. This oracle also brings confirmation, if needed, that relationship issues that are arising for you now, are not only about your own personal healing, but about healing the emotional legacy of your ancestral lines. To do this, you may wish to journal, dance or meditate, or dedicate a yoga practice to the healing of your ancestral inheritance, and ask that your own relationships be assisted through the karmic grace of your ancestors, to step into more consciousness of love now.

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