Twin Flames - Reading from Jun 17 to Jun 24, 2019.

Updated: Sep 23, 2019

Welcome to the reading for the upcoming week.

Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energies

We are experiencing a soul group unification. As we become one with all members of our soul groups, we are helping heal all the unprocessed suffering of the Divine Masculine collective by clearing all the tears they haven't been able to release. Those who are entering their Avatar Soul Matrix integration (12th dimensional consciousness) are bringing in the activations for their soul groups to heal and clear wormholes of soul capture that were imprisoning the collective consciousness through the creation of false timelines and inorganic future potentials, which would station people in karmic loops and self-destructive behaviors. These wormholes were affecting specially the Divine Masculine collective, who were being forced energetically to stay in cycles of codependency. They were also affecting the Divine Feminine collective by generating wounds of betrayal and resentment towards their counterparts. Great progress has been made on the clearing of these wormholes, which means that the collective is entering a time of freedom and expansion as all soul fragments return to their rightful owners.

Since many soul groups are being pulled up to the Avatar Soul Matrix, we are experiencing the healing and restoration of the Solar Star Chakra (10th chakra which is located above the crown chakra). This chakra is connected to the consciousness of Tiamat, a 5th dimensional planet which exploded in another timeline and caused the fall of the Goddess consciousness in this universe. Tiamat was a guardian of the Avatar matrix for planet Earth, and after its destruction the Divine Feminine energy suffered a fragmentation. There is a project occurring at the moment to retrieve and heal all of Tiamat's soul fragments from its phantom matrix. In consequence of this clearing, there are important corrections being made to heal all anti-life expressions that resulted of the reversion, distortion, and fragmentation of the Divine Mother energy on the planet. The womb as a creation matrix is being healed from distortions and suffering, and it is allowing access to the restoration of Sacred Marriage at all levels of existence. This is correcting and balancing the Hierogamic Union between Christos-Sophia, the Divine Consciousness of the enlightened male and female principles.

This week is going to be really important for the Divine Feminines because they will clear karmic ties with very close soulmates (catalyst twins) with whom they've had a strong soul connection in this and previous lifetimes. Many Divine Feminines have confused this soulmates for their twin flames as a result of the swapping of ID codes that took place thousands of years ago to dissolve sacred marriages on the Earth and keep divine counterparts confused about their partners. This week an important clearing will take place to return those ID codes to their rightful owners, providing clarity and the release of old pain caused by unrequited relationships. There will be an opportunity to heal the communication and friendship within this connections, and the Divine Feminines and the Divine Masculines will be magnetized to the right person for the fulfillment of their sacred union.

The Divine Masculines will go through inner discovery this week, and they will experience healing around the fear of losing their Divine Feminines. They will be encouraged to stay optimist about their love lives and forgive themselves for all the adversities and challenges that took their power away from them. They will release sadness for not taking action in the direction of their dreams and will realize that it is never too late to follow their hearts. Remember that the light within your heart never fades away and that all adversities have helped you find who you truly are and connect with your own soul. It is time to liberate yourself from lower vibrational energies of fear and judgment, and shift into the vibration of freedom, love and peace, where you naturally belong.

Message for both twins from The Journey of Love Deck: Dream a Little (51)

The Divine wants to bless you with inspiration, just as a lover would come to the door of the beloved with a spontaneous gift of flowers. So dream a Little! Let your imagination wander and wonder. What if? What else could be? Breaking down the rigid walls of expectation. Just because something has been does not indicate that it must continue in the same way. Be open to receive this spiritual gift. This oracle brings you guidance. A spiritual gift of inspiration is on its way or has just recently been received. It isn’t flight of fancy, it’s a gift from the Divine. Receive it and believe in new possibilities! 

Thanks for joining me!

With love, 

Dulce Gabriela.

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