Twin Flames - Reading from Jun 24 to Jul 1, 2019.

Updated: Sep 23, 2019

Welcome to the reading for the upcoming week.

Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energies

We have entered a higher collective timeline since great progress has been made in the correction of Violet Ray frequencies on the planet. We entered the clearing of the Doradic current, which is a current of energy that connects the planet with the human heart. It is felt in the body as an energy that flows from the heart to the palms and provides life force. 7D reversal technologies were affecting this current by generating miasma on the Earth's atmosphere, affecting as well the correct functioning of the crown chakra through holographic inserts. This was also affecting the way lunar forces relate to the planet. The restoration of the Doradic current is allowing the clearing of planetary grid damage, false mirror technologies, and timeline cloning. These technologies were impacting the collective consciousness by pulling people down into lower emotions. We are undergoing an important clearing of timelines where our emotions don't correspond with our level of awareness to bring all our energy back to ourselves and dissolve veils of illusion in our individual and collective experiences. This is aligning the human collective with higher frequency energies and allowing access to higher mind awareness at a grand scale.

This will be a healing week for the Divine Feminines because they will release stories of unrequited love from their Akashic records. They will experience great relief as the Divine assists them on letting go of subconscious memories of fear, control, and persecution, thus gaining a new perspective on past-life influences. They will recognize that they are deserving of love and will transcend perceptions of suffering and rejection. The Divine Feminines are renewing their energy by acknowledging past experiences as opportunities for growth and expansion, and this is aligning them with the pursuit of joy and bliss. The universe is guiding them in the direction of their heartfelt desires, and now is the time to make them happen. They will also connect with a deeper layer of their inner wisdom and will be led to higher learning in relation to their sacred path.

This week the Divine Masculines will go through heart expansion as the love for their Divine Feminine increases. They will review past behaviors and will gain more clarity about the ego identities that they have used to protect themselves. Confusion created by those identities will start to dissolve as they release stories of guilt, shame, judgment or fear that they are not enough in any way. The veils of illusion created by those identities will no longer have a hold on them because they are now letting their true selves shine forth. They will connect with their deep emotions this week and will allow love to transform their perception of the past. The Divine Masculines are on a phase of heavenly purification and preparation for the new. They will soon experience advancement on their divine path and soul purpose.

Message for both twins from The Journey of Love Deck: The Void (40)

At the ending of every cycle, and the beginning of every cycle, there is a moment of transition. It may last for any amount of time. The transition may require patience to endure the absence of knowing, the lack of certainty about who you are and why you are here on this planet. A void may open up between one moment of meeting with your lover and the seemingly endless stretch of time – even if it is only days that seem as though they are eternal in duration – as you wait to reconnect again. Yet if you can accept that entry into the cosmic void as preparation for your next cycle of manifestation, if you can accept that darkness is holding you with love, not with unfeelingness, then you can relax and let the preparation be what it must be. Then you can be well equipped for the next steps forward on your glorious divine adventure this lifetime, meeting the beloved – whether divine or human lover – in a fresh new moment, excited, open and curious, always.

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Dulce Gabriela.

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