Twin Flames - Reading from Jun 3 to Jun 10, 2019.

Updated: Jun 11, 2020

Welcome to the reading for the upcoming week.

Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energies

The Earth is a multidimensional being that exists in different time-space realities simultaneously, just like human beings. We are undergoing the unification and convergence of the 5th dimensional Earth (Tara) and 7th dimensional Earth (Gaia) layers of our planet, which is also experiencing the integration of all aspects of itself. There is an important collective clearing occurring at the moment, which involves the healing and restoration of timelines connected to the 5D Earth and the 7D Earth (Electric Wars), which caused the fall of consciousness on the planet. As we keep rising our frequencies in this physical reality (3D Earth - which represents the past of this planet), we are having an impact in the correction of the future potentials of the Earth. The 7D Earth (Gaia) is being rebuilt, and the trauma that was stored in this conscious body of the Earth is healing and releasing. There is a project occurring at the moment in higher dimensions to rescue and retrieve the fragments of consciousness that were damaged in those timelines of destruction. With this clearing, we are experiencing the release of miasma from our Planetary Logos, and 7D frequencies (violet ray) are streaming more abundantly on the Earth Plane, moving the human collective to unity consciousness at a grand scale.

Some starseeds had soul contracts to rehabilitate human souls who were programmed to function in reversal networks through intense karmic experiences. Many of those souls have been rehabilitated, and now those starseeds will be able to move forward with other soul agreements. The Divine Masculine collective is making great progress on their monadic/oversoul integration, and they are starting a purification process of their third eye and crown chakras. Many of them are starting to reach Indigo Ray and Violet Ray frequencies, and this is freeing them from frequency fences of mind control fields around the Earth. The Divine Feminines went through this process first, and now it's the turn for the Divine Masculines.

This will be a week of rebirth for the Divine Feminines. Divine Intervention is occurring to help them reclaim their emotional and spiritual freedom. The theme of this week has to do with children and the perception of motherhood. Many of them will experience healing in the relationship with their children. Others will heal and release stored trauma of breeding programs from other incarnations. And others will receive truth in relation to hidden information around children in their family. This will bring great healing to the Divine Feminine collective, who are giving birth to the Divine Mother energy within them. There will be a strong magnetization between the Divine Feminines and the Divine Masculines as this healing takes place.

The Divine Masculines are merging intellect and soul wisdom. They are transcending judgments for themselves and others, and they are starting to rely on themselves instead of external support systems. This week, the Divine Masculines will also heal issues in relation to children. They will release deep stored trauma from timelines in which they couldn't protect their Divine Feminines from abuse and breeding programs, or those times in which they had to abandon their families as the result of war. They are balancing their energies and connecting with the Divine Father energy within them.

Message for both twins from The Journey of Love Deck: Cosmic Butterfly (36)

You are being reborn from the pulsating womb of the Divine Mother, on fire with her creative power, you are being transformed whilst living. To surrender certainty in favor of openness, to accept the smallness of your everyday life whilst admitting to the magnificence of your being, to open up to the divine light that pours through you into a myriad of forms, endlessly creating, destroying, creating again – this is your sacred task. The message for you from this oracle is that if your life feels like it is falling apart, then take heart, for it is falling apart to come back together in a new way. You are going through rebirth, just like a butterfly in a chrysalis. The agony and the delight, the sense of dying and being truly alive, can all be held in the serene space of your heart. Surrender into what you are becoming now and know that what you are leaving behind is but a shell that once will have held your fast-emerging new self.

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Dulce Gabriela.

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