Twin Flames - Reading from March 16 to March 23, 2020.

Welcome to the reading for the upcoming week.

Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energies

Humanity is currently shedding the archetype of the Lunar Woman from the collective consciousness, which is the Dark Mother principle that promotes misogyny and violence against the Divine Mother archetype. This is causing the collapse of artificial systems powered through lunar forces that were perpetuating a state of internal chaos, apathy, confusion and depression within the human population. As a result of this clearing, entire collectives are now in the process of releasing density and stagnation, as well as reconnecting their higher aspects of spiritual awareness and light source. This energetic release is allowing each individual to address unresolved conflicts and pain in order to shift to a higher vibrational reality. This has also granted access to timeline trigger events that caused the disruption of Sacred Unions in previous ascension cycles through the implementation of reversal systems in the Universal Tree of Life. Corrections to these timelines are currently being made to restore the template of Sacred Marriage in this time cycle.

This week, the Divine Feminines will break free from collective energies that were holding them back in situations of fear caused by controlling feminines or people who showcase Negative Ego behaviors. These people, who exercise control over others to avoid facing their own shadow selves, will be shown by the universe the areas of their lives where they need to work on to become whole within themselves first. These collectives will be encouraged to drop limiting templates of victimization, and will be provided with the wisdom they need to make healthy changes in their lives. By recognizing their shadow aspects, they will relinquish the need to prove themselves right to the Divine Feminines or place harsh judgments against them. This will translate in a collective ego death that will propitiate heart healing within the collective consciousness. As healing within these relationships takes place, the Divine Feminines will be propelled to a higher vibration, which will allow them to attract meaningful friendships and connections.

This will be a week of reflection and karmic restitution for the Divine Masculines. A conflict that was throwing them off balance at work caused by false rumors, lies, and deception, will be elevated to a higher resolution. This will encourage them to re-evaluate their inner priorities and spiritual truth. They are being assisted at this time to acknowledge what holds real meaning for them so that they can regain their happiness and let go of worries, sorrow, and practical concerns. The Divine Masculines are going through an important collective healing of father relationships. The father-son bond is receiving cosmic healing to release timelines of negation, competition and judgments against each other, and make up for lost time. The Divine Masculines are rising to the template of the Holy Son, and are being recognized for their brilliance and loving compassion by their families.

Message for both twins from the Journey of Love Deck: The Ancient Ones (52)

Do not lose heart if your spirituality is not fully acknowledged, understood or appreciated by those around you in the physical world as yet. Though they may love you, it is most likely that their vision is still bound by time and space and they cannot see into the very real gains that you have made in the subtle worlds, where all true spiritual growth begins. This oracle brings guidance that you have taken a leap in personal growth. If you are still testing it in the physical world, trying to translate your inner changes into outer experiences, take heed, it’s only a matter of time before you see reflected back to you in your physical world, what you have become within. And you will see it mirrored back to you in the eyes of those around you in sacred relationship, too.

Thanks for joining me! With love, Dulce Gabriela.

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