Twin Flames - Reading from March 2 to March 9, 2020.

Welcome to the reading for the upcoming week.

Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energies

The ascending collective is currently assisting with the genetic healing and rehabilitation of the Family of Michael, who are the Melchizedek descendants of the First Order Founder Ray. This rehabilitation is permitting the reclamation of the 9th dimensional Arc Portal, as well as the dismantling of the Michael Reversal Grid. This grid was digressing the Michael consciousness through the enforcement of Patriarchal Domination and the victim-victimizer template. Recent planetary clearings have allowed the dissolution of the false Blue Sword of Tyranny, which is an artificial holographic insert that was splitting the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine frequencies at the 9D holographic blueprint level. Through this dissolution, humanity is now able to release templates of enslavement, oppression and narcissism at a global scale. This is causing collective heart healing and the energetic pairing of the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine principles.

This week the Divine Feminines will release karma and painful memories caused by the rejection of the Divine Masculine Principle on their journeys. Experiences of discouragement and unrequited love will be washed away from their hearts as they release lower vibrational timelines that have held them back in fear, co-dependency, scarcity and depletion. They will also experience healing in regards to those times in which they tried to help the Divine Masculines unconditionally but couldn't due to energetic interference or the inability of the masculine principle to receive help. The Divine Masculines are opening their hearts to receive and give unconditional love. As they do this, the Divine Feminines will be gifted with divine power and increased spiritual potency to bring harmony and equilibrium between both energies.

The Divine Masculines will be reminded this week of the purity and good in themselves so that they can acknowledge that they are worthy of love, benevolence and compassion. They will heal painful memories connected to the enforcement and indoctrination of distorted templates of patriarchal masculinity, and will release stories of guilt, shame, judgment and fear of not being good enough. Compassionate power and passion for purpose is igniting within them. This is causing deep healing of their higher mental bodies, which is allowing them to connect with their oversoul/monadic intelligence. This means that they are starting to communicate with the Mentor Field of intelligence of their ascending soul family, which is directing them to deepened understanding and wisdom.

Message for both twins from the Journey of Love Deck: She is the Moon (21)

Your message comes through this oracle – your manifestation is unfolding in perfect timing. If you feel something isn’t happening fast enough or is happening quickly and you are unsure if you are really ready, be assured, all is well. If something is not clear to you and you would like it to be more so, the clarity you seek will come to you. Do not worry, do not try to force the insight. Just be with what is happening now and trust. You are moving and growing and all is well. Soon you will see that for yourself, just as the moon grows full and revealing, even in the midst of deepest night.

Thanks for joining me! With love, Dulce Gabriela.

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