Twin Flames - Reading from March 23 to March 30, 2020.

Welcome to the reading for the upcoming week.

Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energies

We are currently going through an important healing of the Seraphim lineages. The Gold Order Seraphim are volunteers from the next universe who came to correct distortions in this Universal Time Matrix but suffered a genetic digression as a result of inversions in the Golden Eagle Grid. Recent gridwork clearings have allowed the reclamation of this grid, causing an important restoration of horizontal planetary Ley Lines (which sustain the masculine principle and rule the dimension of time). This means that all genetic distortions that originated from digressions in the Seraphim DNA are being restored to their original divine blueprint. The masculine consciousness of the planet is being pulled up to a higher frequency, and this is triggering the activation of the Permanent Seed Atom (container of the Divine Christos Blueprint records within the body of each person) in several ascending collectives. As a result of this important activation, humanity is experiencing deep healing of the Central Nervous System and brain functions. Many starseeds who were suffering a genetic digression of their consciousness are now in the process of healing and retrieving their life force and energy.

The fields of consciousness of the Divine Feminine Collective and the Divine Masculine Collective are starting to converge in the physical reality. Both collectives are entering a process of integration and purification of imbalances and past wounds. As this integration takes place, the Divine Feminines will function as anchors of light for those Divine Masculines in their soul group who are in the process of shifting to a love-based embodiment. This will trigger an important clearing of timelines where judgment has existed between the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine principles in this and previous lifetimes. The Divine Feminines are releasing from their Akashic records painful memories caused by inharmonious interactions with the Divine Masculine principle. As all wounds and past hurts receive cosmic healing, the collective consciousness will be propelled to a higher awareness that will expand the energies of love and compassion around the world. This will also allow the Divine Feminines to reconnect with their inner joy and fulfillment.

The Divine Masculine Collective will be uplifted this week through the care and compassion of the Divine Feminines. They are entering a time of reflection, revision, and deepened understanding of their life lessons. Many Divine Masculines will be receiving support from Divine Feminines in their soul group this week, who will encourage them to release stories of guilt, shame, judgment, and fear of not being enough. They will experience deep healing as the good in themselves is recognized, and will be guided to make the effort to propitiate healthy changes in their lives. Many Divine Masculines who were having difficulty understanding their ascension path will receive the support and guidance they need to go through the process of awakening. Starseeds and lightworkers who were not fully conscious of their ascension process are receiving wake up calls from the universe to get initiated into their spiritual path.

Message for both twins from the Journey of Love Deck: Legacy of Light (53)

You are called to bear light, to carry forward the legacy of a spiritual lineage of wisdom and deep service to the Earth. You are a part of that spiritual lineage, a belonging that extends through generations past and generations yet to come. Honor the importance of your task and realize that you are a light bearer, that you carry a legacy of consciousness and embodiment of light upon this earth, to share for the betterment of future generations. This oracle says to you that you have connected more powerfully with a source of spiritual guidance and instruction that is helping you fully activate your divine life mission and purpose. It is confirmation that however you are choosing to live your life is in service to the light – whether it be obviously so to others or not – and that your personal growth and spiritual path are helping the greater human soul evolve.

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