Twin Flames - Reading from March 9 to March 16, 2020.

Welcome to the reading for the upcoming week.

Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energies

Recent galactic clearings have permitted the spin correction of the Metagalactic Core and the reconstruction of the 8th and 9th dimensional stargates. The Metagalactic Core used to connect the Andromeda Galaxy with the Milky Way Galaxy before the occurrence of the Galactic Wars, which originated the digression of consciousness in this Universal Time Matrix. Attacks to the sacred geometrical structures of the Metagalactic Core represent the timelines in galactic history that caused the fall of humanity to lower dimensions. The recent corrections to this dimensional field are allowing the re-patterning of sacred structures to organic creator codes, as well as the re-encryption of the Cosmic Flower of Life. This is having a profound impact in the ascension of humanity, since past, present and future of the Earth are converging, permitting the reclamation of 7D fragments of consciousness that were lost during the Electric Wars. In result, the trigger events that caused the fall of humanity are being cleared from the collective consciousness.

The current clearing of timelines connected to the Electric Wars is allowing the healing and retrieval of Hyperborean energies (1st Root Races from the 7th dimensional Earth) that were being siphoned to power the Black Magic Grids in this dimension. As these energies return to their organic time-space and rightful owners, humanity will start to witness the collapse of systems of energetic manipulation and control. This week, the Divine Feminines will experience the clearing of karmic timelines, from this and previous lifetimes, in which their energy has been compromised within these grids through the use of inverted sacred knowledge by magicians on the Service to Self path. As the collective karma of taking things from others by force and energetic manipulation is balanced out, the energy that has been stolen from the Divine Feminines will be returned to them and they will be replenished with higher vibrational timelines and opportunities.

The Divine Masculines are outgrowing unrequited connections with those who persecute them. This week, they will experience emotional distancing from those who use authority, control and power to manipulate their behaviors and actions. The Divine Masculines are letting go of the need to be right and comply with other people's demands. In consequence, they are connecting with a deeper layer of spiritual awakening and empowerment. They are releasing from their field energies of insecurity, sadness and scarcity, and are choosing peace in their hearts above duality and separation. They are transcending the social conditioning of accepting vows and agreements against their will to protect the status quo and social expectations, and this is aligning them with their true heart's desires.

Message for both twins from the Journey of Love Deck: God Speaks (33)

The divine is speaking to you directly. Underneath the silence there is the endless music of love, pulsating throughout the universe. Within the sacred sound there is guidance. It may or may not have words. It might be a feeling in your heart that you can only access when you are still, relaxed, dancing, or even half asleep. It assures you that behind any struggle or challenge, there is only ever the Divine seeking you out, calling you to surrender some fear or doubt or other, so you can move closer. Trust in the sound of love beyond anything else, for in truth, no matter what may appear to be, there is nothing else.

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Dulce Gabriela.

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