Twin Flames - Reading from May 20 to May 27, 2019.

Updated: Feb 25, 2020

Welcome to the reading for the upcoming week.

Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energies

We are undergoing important corrections of the planetary Horizontal Rod pillar (masculine principle) to bring balance and harmonization between the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energies. This is causing healing and corrections of the clavicle bone and the removal of shoulder blade architecture, which is facilitating the clearing of unresolved issues of wing trauma from previous incarnations. We are also aligning feminine and masculine hearing and vision, so that both twins can perceive truth from a higher perspective. Important corrections are being made of cracked lenses in the lightbody (especially on the masculine side) that were stopping us from perceiving truth for what it is. For this reason, the collective is entering a phase of exposition of lies, deceptions, and frauds. Hidden agendas are coming to the light to be healed and released. The correction of these lenses is facilitating as well the restoration of monadic light patterns for the Divine Masculine Collective, meaning that the Divine Masculines Monad bodies (oversoul fragments) are being rehabilitated. This is connecting the Divine Masculines with a deeper level of their higher mind awareness.

The Divine Masculines are experiencing a Monadic Integration (oversoul integration) which means that they are being aligned with their Divine Purpose at this time. They are being infused with Christ light to activate their Permanent Seed Atom (crystalline heart), which contains their blueprint of Christ Consciousness. This is allowing the influx of divine love through their higher heart chakras, which has been possible by the monadic retrieval of soul fragments that were trapped in the Golden Eagle Grid that was impacting the masculine collective field. This is also causing corrections of the Silver Cord (by releasing it from False White Light from the Astral Plane) and the dissolution of architecture used to interfere with Pineal Gland expansion. This is preparing the Twin Flame collective for the opening of their Crown chakra vortexes. This week both twins will experience alignment and upgrades of their third eye chakras.

The Divine Feminines are going through an important convergence of past lifetimes in which they experienced lack and despair. This timelines are converging now to be cleared and released from their consciousness. This week they will have important communications with an authority figure (for many this is their current boss, a business man, or a karmic connection), with whom they will speak their truth about the abuse of authority. The Divine Feminines will experience liberation from a karmic contract that is being unfair to them. Truths are being exposed to the light to empower the Divine Feminines and release them from lies and deception. This week they will reclaim their power and their authority about a project that they have been building with love, effort, and dedication. They will join forces with other Divine Feminines to manifest their projects and dreams in service to others.

The Divine Masculines are going through the termination of a karmic contract that will liberate them from people who were committing fraud. This is releasing them from authority figures that were keeping them in a cycle of debt and codependency. Many Divine Masculines will be ending job contracts and debts in the following weeks. They are now understanding that the pursuit of wealth and abundance should not be based only on practical concerns and that it requires a connection to their soul purpose and the ability to love themselves fully. They are being open about the love they feel for their Divine Feminine to the people around them, and this is generating anguish in their communities because family and friends fear losing the Divine Masculines that they know. The Divine Masculines are evolving and connecting to their true self, and their communities will understand in time that as long as the Divine Masculines have peace and love in their hearts, they can accept and love them unconditionally regardless of the path they take, even if that means breaking social conditioning.

Message for both twins from The Journey of Love Deck: Soft (47)

A sanctuary bathed in soft light, your heart is receptive, inviting and gentle. It brings strength to the weary, comfort to the lonely, and healing to the wounded. It is a magnet for all that is needed – for you, your beloveds, your world. Don’t imagine you must always be the fighter, going against the part of your nature that longs for harmony and peace. This is your time to be soft. To surrender. To let the subtle waves of the heart invite love in, and to receive. In doing so, you will give so much.

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Dulce Gabriela.

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