Twin Flames - Reading from May 6 to May 13, 2019.

Welcome to the reading for the upcoming week.

Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energies

Great progress has been made on the clearing of obstructions and grids that were splitting the feminine and masculine principles in the third eye chakra. Twin flames are finally achieving unity in this chakra and many of them are starting to align and merge the crown chakra as well. This has been possible as a result of the clearing that gridworkers are doing to remove frequency fences of mind control around the planet. This is causing the restoration of the vertical channels of the lightbody, which is opening the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine to the ascension stage of Building Wings (which is the first stage of Sacred Marriage). The Divine Masculines are starting to activate their 6D lightbody, and are undergoing throat chakra and third eye chakra clearings and activations. Both twins are experiencing a powerful unification of their energy fields, which is propitiating healing and the release of the abandonment core wound. We are entering a time of freedom on many levels for the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine.

This will be an intense week for both twins because important karmic release will occur. We are clearing false timelines and realities that are not in alignment with a higher dimensional existence. For the Divine Feminines this will be reflected in their jobs or financial activities, because they will receive justice in relation to a third party who is trying to block their expansion and flow of abundance. This person might have been abusing his/her authority to impose a perspective upon others. This was causing misery for the Divine Feminines who were feeling trapped in their work environments. They will now encounter an opportunity to become free from this situation and align more with their soul path, since they will have the chance to express themselves fully and create through joy and passion. Many Divine Feminines will also be released from cycles of codependency.

The Divine Masculines will also experience the removal of obstacles from their path this week. Especially those related to third parties who are are trying to use emotional manipulation to keep them stuck in cycles of codependency. The Divine Masculines are starting to see truth more clearly and speak what they feel without wavering. They know that unrequited relationships are not in alignment with the calling of their soul. Many Divine Masculines who were slandered by their communities as a result of gossip and judgment, are experiencing healing and the restoration of their image as truth is exposed. They are going trough heart chakra expansion and are being aligned with the transformation of their environment. They will have more time for themselves this week to go within and connect with peace and balance. Blessings are coming their way now.

Message for both twins from The Journey of Love Deck: Towering Magnificence (30)

You are entering the presence of the truly great and sublime divinity. It is without form yet exists within all forms. It is humbling and yet asks nothing of you. It just is and when we encounter it, we are moved beyond words, beyond mind, and into realms of the heart that we may never have experienced before. It takes a brave soul to meet the towering majesty of divine presence. It can be a terrifying experience as limitations, preconceived notions and identities crumble in the wake of its light. You are being brought to this place out of love because you are ready. Your soul has been craving connection to something so much larger than itself, to find something worthy to which it can devote itself entirely. This greatness is becoming available to you now, to be witness to the extent that is helpful, so that you may find the greater purpose of service which your heart craves. You are ready.

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With love, 

Dulce Gabriela.

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