Twin Flames - Reading from Nov 11 to Nov 18, 2019.

Updated: Feb 25, 2020

Welcome to the reading for the upcoming week.

Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energies

Universal shifts are occurring at this time to help us move into a higher awareness and release subconscious distortions from the collective consciousness. Recent gridwork clearings have allowed the dismantling of great amounts of Looking Glass technology designed to keep the human soul trapped in a lower chakra existence through the use of clones and timeline manipulation. This has also caused the removal of False White Light Webbing from the Astral Realm which was fomenting addictions of all types to keep humanity looped in cycles of codependency and suffering. The struggle of the lower chakras is being healed now as the collective consciousness moves into a heart chakra awareness. This collective heart awakening has also activated the clearing of the relationship between planets Maldek, Tiamat, and Tara (fifth dimensional planets that exploded as a result of energetic imbalances), which was causing the betrayal wound on the Earth. This clearing has permitted the correction of the Rod and Staff union (perfect alignment and unification of the Holy Daughter and Holy Son), which is granting access to the embodiment of the Diamond Sun Krystallah Body, which allows the reconfiguration and recoding of dual structures into unity consciousness.

The Divine Feminine collective is entering a new cycle of manifestation. The winds of change will be coming to their lives this week to help them achieve their dreams, visions and goals. Now is the time for them to stand strong with the full support of the Earth beneath their feet as they embrace their spiritual power. This week will be very important for the healing of their union, because a powerful unification of heart energies between the Divine Feminines and the Divine Masculines is taking place as we move through the 11/11 portal. For this reason, the universe is assisting us to clear the last remanence of betrayal and abandonment wounds. A timeline split is occurring in the collective consciousness, and to move to a higher timeline we are being guided to release old wounds and emotions that are holding us back. Choose peace and unconditionally loving thoughts as you align with the life of joy that you truly deserve.

This week, the Divine Feminines and the Divine Masculines will experience a reconnection of their energies and lightbodies. As the Divine Feminines clear the betrayal wound, the Divine Masculines will be elevated in self-esteem and self-empowerment. Many Divine Masculines who are dwelling in energies of confusion will experience a powerful awakening that will inspire them to reclaim their sovereignty and freedom. This week they will defend their spiritual path and divine union before family members who are pushing them to comply with cultural expectations and social conditioning. They will experience a rebirth in their divine purpose, and their increased self-esteem will allow them to break free from situations of persecution and harassment. It is time for them to set down new roots, seek new ground and new growth. They are being realigned with Divine Order as they connect with the energies of peace, realization, love and unity within. You are commencing a new cycle, and it is time to release that which does not align with your true heart.

Message for both twins from the Journey of Love Deck: Burning Hero (3)

From the transformative fires of life’s tests, you emerge now, stronger in self-belief, overcoming self-doubt and fear, and shedding the layers that have held you back from burning as a naked flame of divine love. Peace is coming to you now, a respite from the fire, before you are ready to burn into love again. This oracle brings you a message – from the heat of your labor, sweet success will arise and you can act now as if that success has already been made manifest. It is only a matter of time before it is so. From that success, new levels of experience and creative manifestation will take place. You are in a powerful creative cycle of intensity and serenity, dancing with each other through your heart, like the sweet relationship of day and night. This cycle yields great harvest. Offer yourself in contribution to the greater good and your harvest will be not only of earthly delight, but of heavenly blessings too.

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Dulce Gabriela.

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