Twin Flames - Reading from Nov 18 to Nov 25, 2019.

Updated: Feb 25, 2020

Welcome to the reading for the upcoming week.

Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energies

The Earth has recently received Ascension support from the Aquaferion Races (ancestors of the original Divine Human Blueprint) to assist the reconnection of the planet to its original star body in Andromeda. Gateways to higher consciousness realms have been opened for the Earth through the alignment of the 13th Gateway (Mother Arc Frequencies) and the Aqualine Sun, which allows the planet to transcend reversal Violet Ray systems that block the activation and expansion of Seventh Gateway (Crown Chakra Frequencies). This has made possible the clearing of phantom and artificial matrices that were entrapping the consciousness of starseeds through false holograms, reversal systems, and inorganic timelines. These systems were also powering crown implants and mind control programs based on popular culture to create fragmented personalities, which are now being cleared at a rapid pace by the starseed collective. This is causing the collapse of Service to Self systems and structures, since false holograms are now being replaced with organic timelines aligned with Source light.

The ascending collective is being supported right now to attain unity consciousness and move into their New Earth timelines as the frequency of the planet keeps rising. Those who still have inner wounds to process might experience tower moments at this time in order to release old pain and shift from a fear-based to a love-based embodiment. For this reason, the Divine Feminines will be the pillars this week for those who can be pulled up to a higher frequency through kindness and compassion. Friends and past connections will come back into their lives seeking for support and advice on their journeys. As the Divine Feminine collective recognizes the divine worth in everyone who enters their field, a healing chain reaction of love and support will be created. The light of the Divine Feminines will activate those who are ready to move into a higher awareness and reconnect with their inner power. All ascending soul groups are being aligned with healing change now.

The Divine Masculine collective will experience powerful heart healing this week, as they clear distortions of the 2D-4D soul split (genetic blocks that split the physical, mental and astral identity of a person creating shadow selves and fragmented personalities). As the Divine Masculines retrieve all fragments of their consciousness from the Phantom Matrix, they will enter the energy of the Hermit, meaning that they will be able to shine the light on the shadow aspects of their subconscious mind. They will gain a higher perspective in regards to the obstacles and challenges that are holding them back, and this week they will identify very clearly the cycles of manipulation, unkindness, and unconsciousness that are keeping them trapped in lower vibrational communities, groups and social circles through financial control. Their soul is expanding and now they are able to understand the connection between all things. You are being guided to relax at this time and allow the universe to present the solutions to the apparent problems at hand. As the subconscious blocks are identified, healing will occur naturally and spontaneously.

Message for both twins from the Journey of Love Deck: The Light Field (63)

You are very open to the other side, the veil that separates the worlds is very fine for you, for there is much love in your heart and love exists beyond all barriers, including those of time, distance and even death. If you wish to communicate with those that have passed on, do so through your heart. If you want to communicate energetically with your beloved, even though you are separated in physical location, then you can do so now. This oracle brings you guidance that you are connecting with a field of awareness that is real, and that you are protected by light as you do so. It is confirming that there is nothing for you to fear and that those who have passed on, or will pass on in the future, will always be safely held in love. It is also confirmation that there are very real bonds that connect you to your loved ones – past present and future – that are beyond the confines of time and space. 

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Dulce Gabriela.

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