Twin Flames - Reading from Nov 25 to Dec 2, 2019.

Updated: Feb 25, 2020

Welcome to the reading for the upcoming week.

Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energies

We are undergoing an important phase of the planetary ascension which involves the birthing of the Divine Feminine energy as the legitimate Queen or the highest emanation of God Feminine Principle. The starseed collective has accessed the timelines of the Eieyani Massacre where the feminine wound was perpetuated 22,000 years ago through the abuse of power against the Divine Feminine energy. During this timeline, the Yanas (Ascended Masters who came to this universe to prevent the Atlantean/Lemurian cataclysm) were killed, which caused the reversal and fragmentation of their consciousness and the instauration of the False King of Tyranny archetype on the Earth. As these beings got lost in Phantom fields, their energy was used to power reversal systems and black magic grids. The starseed collective has recently recollected the histories of the Yanas, allowing the retrieval of their consciousness and the healing of the Lemurian feminine persecution. This has granted the opportunity for the human collective to enter a new cycle of rebirth, in which the Divine Masculine Energy will rise as the protector of the female principle, and the Divine Feminine Energy will emerge as the source of true creational power.

The ascending collective is currently moving through a convergence of timelines that is facilitating the release of past wounds and hurts as the Lemurian history is being cleared from the collective consciousness. The universe is healing painful memories, and so we are being assisted at this time to release old stories, habits and patterns that represent astral conditioning but no longer need to rule our existence. This will be experienced by the Divine Feminine collective through the clearing of past life wounds and karmic cycles that represent misery, suffering and deception. Obstacles will be removed in regards to commitments and agreements with people who are attached to the Divine Feminine energy but are unwilling to give them the love and protection they truly deserve or are unable to match their words with their actions. Healing will take place in unbalanced and abusive karmic loops where the Divine Feminine energy is being taken advantage of. The universe is aligning the Divine Feminine collective with the support of meaningful connections which will allow them to live with greater abundance, bliss and creative fulfillment.

As the Divine Feminine collective rises to its true spiritual authority, the Divine Masculine Collective will be liberated from lower vibrational energies of fear and judgment and will be assisted to shift into the vibration of freedom, love and peace, where they naturally belong. They will pull away from people who are vibrating within separation consciousness and they will start witnessing the karmic return against those who abuse power to dominate others. They will choose to walk away from the persecution of people who use emotional manipulation to control them. It will become clear for the Divine Masculines the difference between true divine feminine power and calculated social conditioning. The Divine Masculine collective is going through a phase of purification, reflection and forgiveness as they release the pain of not protecting and honoring the Divine Feminine energy. Remember that there are no mistakes in the universe and this realization was meant to occur at this time as the whole universe moves into a new creational cycle of unity consciousness.

Message for both twins from the Journey of Love Deck: Dream a Little (51)

The Divine wants to bless you with inspiration, just as a lover would come to the door of the beloved with a spontaneous gift of flowers. So dream a Little! Let your imagination wander and wonder. What if? What else could be? Breaking down the rigid walls of expectation. Just because something has been does not indicate that it must continue in the same way. Be open to receive this spiritual gift.

This oracle brings you guidance. A spiritual gift of inspiration is on its way or has just recently been received. It isn’t flight of fancy, it’s a gift from the Divine. Receive it and believe in new possibilities! 

Thanks for joining me!

With love, 

Dulce Gabriela.

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