Twin Flames - Reading from Nov 4 to Nov 11, 2019.

Updated: Feb 25, 2020

Welcome to the reading for the upcoming week.

Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energies

The starseed collective has made great progress in regards to the clearing of their ancestral lines and family trees. Recent gridwork clearings have allowed the collapse of great amounts of artificial machinery installed in the Planetary Grid Networks as well as False Ascension Matrix systems that were forcing the reincarnation of the human soul into lower realms. This means that souls trapped in the lower Astral Realm are now aligning to higher vibrational timelines and transitioning to the organic Source light. The recent activation of Guardian Founder Consciousness Grids has also propitiated the anchoring of the Aurora Pillars (12 Guardians of the Pillar), which connect the Milky Way to the Andromeda Galaxy. This means that a safe zone has been created for the full Ascension of the Earth into higher densities. This has also caused the opening of the Triune of Universes, which has granted the connection of this universe with Master Christos Collective Consciousness. This means that this universe is currently being realigned with unity consciousness in its purest form.

This week the Divine Feminine collective will be healing issues related to harassment, violence and misogyny in the workplace. People in higher positions of authority who use power to take advantage of the feminine energy will be exposed or start losing their positions of power. The Divine Feminine collective is rising above grids of mind control that were keeping them energetically entrapped in situations of abuse and victimization. As they continue to embody the energy of the Sacred Feminine, a healing chain reaction of loving respect will impact all areas of their lives. They will also start receiving support from meaningful relationships and communities that genuinely respect and love them for who they are. The time for peaceful, loving connections is at hand, so open your heart to the expression of care and compassion within and around you.

As the Divine Feminine collective continues to be released from abuse and guilt connected to money and finances, the Divine Masculines will be freed from persecution caused by those who want to take financial advantage of them. The people who offer them love or friendship in exchange of financial stability and security will start dropping from their reality. The Sacred Masculine will be released from frequencies of guilt, shame, judgment, or fear that they are not enough in any way. They will no longer compromise their spiritual grace and purity in order to belong to certain groups or circles. The Divine Masculine collective will lose the fear of speaking their truth to those who persecute them. They will only allow loving, trustworthy and meaningful connections in their lives.

Message for both twins from the Journey of Love Deck: Dance of the Planets (56)

There are forces larger than your own personal destiny at work in your life now. Although they are not inharmonious to you, you may feel as though you are being blocked from or on the other hand, rocketed towards the heavens on a roll that nothing can derail. Either way, the planets are dancing as they will, and there is an effect  upon your destiny. It was meant to be at this time. From rising, there will be gentle rest to recover before rising again, and from restraint there will be propulsion into greater stratospheres. All things in time, according to the wisdom of greater cycles. It is ok to trust in the cosmic cycles and divine timing. Trust in the timing and rhythm of your life now, especially if it seems out of your control. Big shifts are happening at this moment, supported by cosmic movements. The planetary forces will bring you so many blessings of unconditional love. Trust!

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Dulce Gabriela.

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