Twin Flames - Reading from Oct 14 to Oct 21, 2019.

Updated: Feb 25, 2020

Welcome to the reading for the upcoming week.

Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energies

Huge planetary upgrades are impacting the collective consciousness at this time. The planet has entered a phase of soul retrieval, meaning that the Earth is integrating its Soul Matrix by merging with Tara's (5D Earth) Planetary Logos. Starseeds have successfully cleared enough timelines linked to Tara, allowing the healing, reconstruction, and retrieval of its Logos, which had been sucked by a black hole during a cataclysm that occurred in another time-space continuum of this Universal Time Matrix. This is having a powerful impact in the collective consciousness, since it has triggered the correction of the planetary electron spin to its organic 12:12 Electrical Christ Male pattern, thus bringing back to planet Earth the embodied unity source code for the masculine principle. This means that the Divine Masculine energy on the planet is unifying at this time with Source energy through the Zero Point Field, which is liberating them from lower frequencies and lower vibrational realities. This clearing has also granted access to the universal Monad through Mother Arc Frequencies (13th dimension), causing the retrieval of all souls lost in lower dimensions, which are being healed through the Divine Mother's love and merged back into Source through the Zero Point Field.

This week the Divine Feminines will experience soul healing in relation to all those Divine Masculines who were contracted at a soul level to assist them on the honoring and embodiment of the Goddess energy, but couldn't due to the fragmentation of their consciousness. As these Divine Masculines enter a monadic/oversoul process of healing and restoration of their consciousness, the soul contracts will be renewed to bring further expansion of a shared purpose. The Divine Feminine collective is entering a time of great return. You have shared your love and compassion with the world, and now a wonderful phase of receiving is here for you. The universe wants to give you back everything you've contributed for the well-being of others. Open your heart to receive the harvest of your actions and intentions as you align with a higher vibrational reality. 

The Divine Masculines are being lifted to higher frequencies with the support of their entire soul groups. A collective retrieval of soul fragments is occurring at the moment to bring back to this reality all aspects of the Divine Masculine consciousness that had been damaged during Tara's cataclysm. This is allowing them to actualize in physical form their monadic/oversoul integration. This means that they are healing the fragmentation of their consciousness and connecting at this time with their Divine Purpose. This week, many of them will experience change in their job duties and career paths. They will also undergo the healing of their astral bodies, which will allow them to receive clearer guidance from their higher aspects. The healing of their Astral Heart Complex will allow them to release connections, situations, and places that are attached to them through energies of manipulation, codependency and addiction as a result of Astral Heart distortions linked to the sacral chakra. These imbalances are being corrected and recalibrated to help them reconnect with their true emotions.

Message for both twins from the Journey of Love Deck: The Ancient Ones (52)

Your spiritual growth is now acknowledged and witnessed by the heavenly ones that see beyond time and space into the reality of your soul. Do not lose heart if your spirituality is not fully acknowledged, understood or appreciated by those around you in the physical world as yet. Thought they may love you, it is most likely that their vision is still bound by time and space and they cannot see into the very real gains that you have made in the subtle worlds, where all true spiritual growth begins. This oracle brings guidance that you have taken a leap in personal growth. It’s only a matter of time before you see reflected back to you in your physical world, what you have become within. And you will see it mirrored back to you in the eyes of those around you in sacred relationship, too.

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