Twin Flames - Reading from Oct 21 to Oct 28, 2019.

Updated: Feb 25, 2020

Welcome to the reading for the upcoming week.

Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energies

As the collective continues to outgrow Astral Plane density, programing and conditioning, new healing templates have been created for the Earth's body. Starseeds have managed to clear great amounts of planetary architecture that were generating reversal frequencies through the planetary stargates. The clearing of these frequencies has allowed groups of starseeds to reach 12D frequencies and create safe zones for the ascending collective to embody their Avatar Matrix. As a result of this, higher frequencies and universal kundalini energies are streaming through the Planetary Staff (vertical channel), causing corrections to the electromagnetic field and Toroidal energies of the Earth. As this energetic balance takes place, the Divine Feminines and the Divine Masculines are undergoing an important unification, balancing and harmonization of their energy fields.

The soul groups of Divine Masculines who are going through the healing, restoration and embodiment of their oversoul/monad, are experiencing a powerful integration of soul fragments that are connecting them to their innate spiritual wisdom and abilities. This is balancing the Divine Masculine energy on the planet and bringing healing to ancestral templates of Templars, gladiators, warriors, etc. This has also propagated corrections to all parts of the Divine Masculine's lightbody, which are being reconfigured to be directed by the loving nature of their heart chakra complex. Starseeds who are on the process of assimilating 12D frequencies are being prepared for the embodiment of their 12D Crystal Body, which will enable them to integrate higher expressions and aspects of their consciousness (higher octave identities), thus erasing obsolete karmic patterns.

This week the Divine Feminine collective will be assisted by their galactic families to embody aspects of their higher identities of consciousness in order to release blocks of codependency that are affecting the flow of energy in their lives. This will include the release of guilt around money and finances. They will also be greatly assisted to clear their energy from lower vibrational energies of fear and judgment and shift into the vibration of love and peace where they naturally belong. Both twins will be clearing energies of judgment against themselves and others this week. For the Divine Masculines this will be presented in situations with close friends who hold harsh judgments against them. As the Divine Masculines progressively embody higher frequencies of light, the people who are unable to honor their true self will drop from their reality. Both twins are commencing a new cycle and it is safe for them to release that which no longer aligns with their true heart.

Message for both twins from the Journey of Love Deck: The Temple (59)

The lover and the beloved meet in sacred space. They take respite from cares of the world, entering into sanctuary where only they exist. Your body and soul need to enter into the Temple and participate in sacred ceremony. Choose to gift this to yourself. Set aside time. Turn off the computer and mobile telephone. Turn on music and set the lighting. Be in the present moment. This oracle brings guidance to take time out to smell the flowers, savor the pleasures of life and renew your connection to the inner lover. What moves you? What brings you into connection with yourself in this moment again? It is the wholeness of divine self-connection in sacred space that will best nourish you now.

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Dulce Gabriela.

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