Twin Flames - Reading from Oct 28 to Nov 4, 2019.

Updated: Feb 25, 2020

Welcome to the reading for the upcoming week.

Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energies

We have entered a new phase of the collective Ascension as a result of recent grid activations that are allowing the anchoring of higher vibrational energies and timelines. The Four Pillars of Man Grid (a Guardian Founder Consciousness Grid) has recently been activated by the starseed collective, and this means that the 12D Blueprint of the Earth has been restored. With this activation, the higher aspects of the Earth, Tara and Gaia – with all their respective parallels and potentials – have been realigned with the Divine Blueprint of evolution for this planet. This is having a positive impact in the restoration of the Holy Mother energy, as the Achamoth fields (fallen goddess consciousness trapped in the phantom matrix) are being realigned with their divine essence. This has also allowed the restoration of the 12D Divine Human Blueprint, as well as the rehabilitation of the Seraphim angelic template. The healing of this template has activated the clearing of the Fallen Angelic Fragmented Matrix, which was feeding the Golden Eagle Grid. This powerful clearing and activation is permitting the liberation, retrieval and healing of souls who were trapped in those grid systems, as well as the genetic rehabilitation of the Seraphim guardians who volunteered to protect the Earth's timelines. 

The Divine Feminine collective will experience a positive energetic shift this week as the Holy Mother principle returns to bring love, care, and compassion for all women around world. The rapid progression of the Holy Mother principle is allowing the rising of the Divine Feminine energy and causing the dismantling of the Black Madonna Network and Reversal Mother templates. These systems were feeding templates of misogyny and harmful feminine archetypes. As these grids continue to be dismantled, the Divine Feminine collective will be lifted from struggle, discrimination, abuse, hatred, and violence against women. This week the Holy Mother will embrace the Divine Feminines with a clock of protection against energies of judgment and lower vibration. The Divine Feminine collective is rising to their true Sophianic essence (divine embodiment of the Goddess Energy), and so negative energy and reversal systems can't imprison them anymore.

This week will be important for the balancing of the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine energies. The Divine Feminines will integrate their inner Divine Masculine energy by releasing templates of patriarchy and control from their system, and the Divine Masculines will integrate their inner Divine Feminine energy by embracing their emotions, creativity and nurturing nature. The collective is reaching a point of balance and harmonization between both energies. The Divine Masculines will enter a phase of healing and forgiveness this week as they honor the energetic return of the Holy Mother, who is cloaking them with divine protection as well. They are ready to defend and protect this energy, and the people around them who are still embodying templates of distorted feminine energy will drop from their reality for not being in vibrational alignment with the energy of the Divine Mother. A time of respectful, loving, and caring connections with the women in their lives is at hand, and this includes deep healing within the relationship with their mothers.

Message for both twins from the Journey of Love Deck: Sensual Awakening (64)

You are being called to experience your sensual nature again. You are beautiful and vivid, striking and appealing. Allow your sensual appreciation for yourself and others to flow and enjoy this unique experience of being a soul awakening in a body awakening! It’s all love. This oracle brings you guidance that your sensual nature needs to play and it can be expressed through massage, creating art, spending time in nature, swimming, dancing mindfully, feeling the sun or air on your skin, drinking aromatic tea or taking a bath. Play with what feels good for you and enjoy the indulgence. It will bring you renewed energy and apart from that, it’s fun! 

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With love, 

Dulce Gabriela.

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