Twin Flames - Reading from Oct 7 to Oct 14, 2019.

Updated: Feb 25, 2020

Welcome to the reading for the upcoming week.

Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energies

We have gone through an important clearing of the Astral Plane. This plane, which is connected to our Heart Chakra and represents the 4D level of consciousness, was subject to interference and timeline manipulation during our dream state. Recent clearings have allowed us to activate collectively the Astral Heart, thus reconnecting the Astral Plane to our lightbody and physical experience, reclaiming in this way our soul energies, dreams, and sovereignty of our subconscious mind. This also has allowed the release and healing of great amounts of collective fear, anxiety, trauma, loosh, and addiction energies. With this clearing, our heart's desires are becoming available to us as well as our true heart purpose. We have also gone through important corrections of DNA distortions originated in the Orion Constellation, propitiating the liberation of the collective consciousness from templates of patriarchy and war.

The removal of interference from the Astral Plane is permitting benevolent beings from higher dimensions assist the human collective at this time. This week the Divine Feminines will receive assistance from universal forces to achieve liberation from mind control systems that were keeping them trapped in the lower astral realm. And this means that the Divine Feminine collective is being aligned at this time with the reconstruction of their happiness and lost dreams. It is time to bring joy to the little steps now, which will compound to create extraordinary success. The Divine Feminines will be greatly assisted to leave fear and despair behind, as well as to clear all false energetic mirrors from their reality. They are being initiated into the expansion and renovation of their life purpose, along with their spiritual growth through love, joy, peace, abundance, and divine protection.

This week, the Divine Masculine collective will receive throat chakra upgrades and activations, which will allow them to express their feelings with softness, compassion, and truth. They are learning to overcome conflict through the wisdom of their hearts, thus balancing passion and purity. The Divine Masculines are reclaiming the tenderness of their heart and the compassion of their words. This is bringing balance to their actions and creative energy to their expression, which is causing their energy field to grow stronger, giving more impact to their words and thoughts. They will be greatly supported this week to stand up for themselves, take loving action on their behalf, persevere on their path, and embrace their roles as healers and ascension guides, enabling them to live their divine destiny with greater bliss and creative fulfillment.

Message for both twins from the Journey of Love Deck: The Bride Offers Herself (43)

This oracle offers you a message. Accept what is being offered now. Whether through challenge or an easing of the way forward, there is a gift of grace from the Divine Feminine reaching for you now. Allow her in and be blessed. This oracle also heralds a time of importance in relationship – you have been revealing yourself and not being afraid of who and what you are, sharing yourself in willingness to connect. Your vulnerability and beauty is acknowledged and will attract the response you need at the perfect time, and in the perfect way. Every bride shall have her bridegroom.

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With love, 

Dulce Gabriela.

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