Twin Flames - Reading from Sep 2 to Sep 9, 2019.

Updated: Sep 23, 2019

Welcome to the reading for the upcoming week.

Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energies

Ascending soul groups have started to absorb and clear the NRG grids through the Mother's Aquamarine Chalice, which means that humanity is being released from collective distortions around sexuality. These grids were affecting heavily the Divine Feminine energy by reverting the Divine Mother's unconditional love into scarcity, control, misery and deception. This clearing has allowed us to reconnect and reintegrate Divine Feminine archetypes of truth, balance, compassion, kindness, and equanimity into the collective consciousness. As we reintegrate these energies of the Goddess, the Divine Masculine archetypes are experiencing deep healing and balance between strength and compassion. This is pouring the human collective with Diamond Sun frequencies that are allowing us to reclaim inner freedom and activate our Sacred Crystal Heart. This complex is designed to receive and broadcast omnidirectional forces of love, allowing the ascending human to connect with higher spiritual intelligence and clear distortions from the lightbody and the environment. We are being prepared to receive higher levels of light and leave old baggage behind as we clear and release past timelines from our subconscious mind in order to step into a new world of peace, balance, and harmony.

This week the Divine Feminines will be setting boundaries to situations that have the potential to cause struggle, adversities, and challenges in their lives. Especially, they will step away from commerce, financial offers or creative projects that are not in alignment with the New Earth paradigm. They will experience an emotional distancing from this situation if the offer is unable to provide joy, peace, conscious consumerism, balance and expansion. However, this will motivate the Divine Feminines to explore the unknown parts of themselves, heal, and rise, as they go in search of their emotional fulfillment and joy. They will no longer accept situations that are based on fear, misery, lack mentality, and unconscious connection with the planet. The Divine Feminines are releasing self imposed boundaries, especially those related to staying in communities that bring their energy and potential down. Let yourself move into a more receptive state, and gather your resources. The time for you to use them will soon be at hand.

The Divine Masculines are going through a phase of introspection and self discovery. This week they will receive important insights and revelations about their communities, especially in regards to control mechanisms that are being used by others to protect the status quo. The Divine Masculines are gaining wisdom on how people from their social circles feel threatened by their spiritual growth, enlightenment and empowerment, which is causing a battle of sorts. It is time for the Divine Masculines to step away from the demands of others who want to control their growth and expansion. No longer shall they be neglected or minimized for the safety of a group. They will also go through heart chakra activations this week that will allow them to connect with their emotions and the love they feel for their Divine Feminines. The Divine Masculines are choosing to stay true to themselves over selfish demands from others.

Message for both twins from the Journey of Love Deck: The Communal Dance (5)

This oracle brings you guidance – you are being drawn into a new community that is more aligned with your innate spiritual vibration. You’ll feel more at home there and be able to share your gifts and talents more freely and with greater support. Let go of relationships or situations that you have been holding on to out of fear. If they are meant to continue with you, they will remain, if not, they will fall away, creating space for new connections to come into your life now. This is not a time to hide in what you have known, but to be open to playful connection with kindred spirits soon to be met.

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Dulce Gabriela.

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