Twin Flames - Reading from Sep 23 to Sep 30, 2019.

Updated: Feb 25, 2020

Welcome to the reading for the upcoming week.

Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energies

The Equinox energies are coming in to bring us balance and discernment. We are in an auspicious time of equilibrium between the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine principles on the planet. Especially, we are entering an important phase of the Ascension process in which the energy of the Divine Mother has been fully anchored on the physical plane to take a leadership role towards the further evolution of consciousness. The collective has integrated Christic Divine Feminine codes that have allowed higher frequencies of light break through the Frequency Fences and NETs of mind control around the Earth. Those fences and static fields were siphoning life force energy from human beings to fuel systems of mass control and patriarchy. Great amount of this energy has now been released and is on the process of returning to the rightful owners, allowing the liberation and retrieval of souls that were trapped in those NETs. This is also assisting the closure of wormholes that were affecting the planetary logos and future Earth timelines. These events mark an important step forward for the planetary ascension since the tension between opposite forces on the Earth's atmosphere has dissolved, making the reception of higher frequency spectrums of light possible.

This week the Divine Feminines will receive communications from people connected to their past who are going through a spiritual initiation. These people, who are most probably work related, will be aided through this process of growth and transformation by connecting with the Divine Feminines who will inspire their awakening and empowerment. Most of them will be members of the same soul group with whom the Divine Feminines feel deep compassion and acceptance. These soul friends are ready to move into a higher state of consciousness, as well as revelations of inner power. They will be uplifted on their ascension process and will receive light coded activations from this encounter, which will allow them to access higher timelines and make healthy changes in their lives. The Divine Feminines will be encouraged this week to extend their lighthearted energy to others and transform all life around them trough the purity of their soul.

As the Divine Feminines witness growth in the people around them, the Divine Masculines will be experiencing this growth themselves. This week they will grow in self-respect and will move away from people with hidden intentions. The Divine Masculines are expanding their consciousness and finding inner peace and balance. They are not resonating anymore with certain groups, situations and places that bring them down energetically due to social conditioning and cultural expectations. This week they will gather strength and courage to fight for what is true for them, and they will defend their beloved twin flames from co-workers and social groups that challenge the connection in a negative way. The Divine Masculine collective is overcoming planetary obstacles that exist in the Violet Ray Frequency spectrum, which means that they are entering a phase of divine protection and wholeness that will propel them forward on their spiritual evolution.

Message for both twins from the Journey of Love Deck: Let the Feminine Lead the Way (39)

The feminine principle in you, whether man or woman, is the way forward in our life now. She is the principle of feeling and of surrender. She feels the intelligence of the divine guiding light in a way that the masculine principle cannot at this time. You may not see where you are going, therefore. But you can feel your way forward. Trust her. Let your mind go and let your senses lead you, becoming more exquisite and communicative. Be led by your heart. Do not worry if you do not know all the details yet or how it is going to work out. She knows the way! Let her lead.

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Dulce Gabriela.

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